The Colombian Rafael Santos Borré revealed the reason for his kick to Erling Haaland that sparked a great conflict

A week ago a strong clash between Rafael Santos Borré and the reckless Norwegian striker Erling Haaland. The problem was generated just before the end of the victory match of the Eintracht Frankfurt 3-2 over Borussia Dortmund. The Colombian footballer gave the European attacker a “kick” and Conflict broke out between teams.

The curious fact was the response of the striker of the Norwegian team. Erling Haaland with a correct Spanish reproached the Colombian for the entrance, something that surprised Borré himself.

“At some moments, during the first crossing, Haaland yelled at me ‘What’s up brother?’, in Spanish and I was surprised because it’s not normal. When the game ended, he kept talking to me and came looking for me because he knew I was horny. But that time he told me some things in English and I answered him because I wanted him to realize that the things he was doing were not right”, explained Rafael Santos Borré in an interview for El VBar Caracol.

Why was Borré tough on Haaland?

Clearly, the conflict did not arise out of nowhere. Although Erling Haaland demonstrates a calm temperament, the Norwegian had a gesture that disgusted the Colombian soccer player. I erased, blinded by annoyance, decided leave a message on the field.

Minute 8:00

Haaland was a bit disrespectful when they got up on the scoreboard. He started to celebrate in the face of my companions without need. We didn’t do anything and it gave me a little impotence. That’s why we had that crash and I went looking for it”, revealed the soccer player of the Colombian team.

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