the comedian clears up the rumors of his supposed death

  • Rumors of the alleged death of Luis de Alba circulate on social networks
  • The comedian comes out to clarify this situation
  • Supposedly killed by a bullet impact

Luis de Alba alive. After a news item that paralyzed the media and the Mexican public this morning circulated on social networks, because a website mentioned that the famous comedian Luis de Alba had died on the morning of this Thursday, November 18 when he left from your home.

Faced with this situation, several users began to worry about the alleged death of the Mexican comedian Luis de Alba, apparently the “Pirruris”, as they know him on television, was killed by an armed commando group, after leaving his home, he says. an account of Twitter.

Luis de Alba clarifies that he is still alive


“The death of the comedian and actor Luis de Alba due to a bullet impact is confirmed. This morning when he left home he was surprised by an armed commando, unofficial sources report that he died immediately, ”the post can read. In the publication, the supposed corpse of Luis appears in the morgue.

It should be remembered that previously the comedian recognized for playing “Pirruris” was hospitalized in an emergency due to a spectacular fall that he suffered and caused a bone fracture. Due to this fall, Luis de Alba was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital, since he apparently had a peri-prosthetic fracture of the right femur.

Luis de Alba denies the rumors and clarifies that he is alive

Luis de Alba denies the rumors and clarifies that he is alive

Many users doubted this publication and began to investigate if the Mexican had really passed away, so some were already concerned about this news. But hours after having shared this post, it was the same comedian who came out to deny the news.

It was the same actor Luis de Alba who made a video on social networks to clarify this false news where he was already considered dead. It is not the first time that something similar has happened, since a few years ago the death of Luis de Alba was also circulating, but it has all been false news.

Denies the “naco” who left Luis de Alba for dead but is still alive

Denies the

It was on the Instagram account of Chica Picosa where they shared the Pirruris video where she denies the news of her death on social networks. “After filtering the alleged death of #LuisdeAlba, the actor denies this news”, you can read in the publication where he appears showing that he is more alive than ever.

“Hi, I’m Luis de Alba, bone Pirruris, to deny the naco or naca that he put me on Twitter. In the morning I see the Twitters and I see myself portrayed there, saying that I was shot leaving my house. They put a photo of me and they put me after me dead. Thank God, here I am alive and kicking at all activity, “he said in the recording.

Now go to sleep, run him ”, they tell the user who shared Luis de Alba’s note where he is not alive


Internet users immediately reacted to the publication where the death of the Mexican comedian was announced, who has already denied this false note. Undoubtedly the annoyance was present in the Internet users, since despite denying the news they continue to say that it is true that he died.

“Because they spread that image and leave one of when I was alive, they love to profit from morbid”, “His wife confirmed that the photograph that circulated this morning on networks is false!”, “Now go to sleep, run him “,” He’s not even the one in the photo, don’t be a gossip “, were some of the comments that can be seen. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

They asked for help with hospital expenses

They ask for help with hospital expenses
Instagram photo

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago due to not having the necessary resources to perform a hip operation in Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, where he suffered a spectacular fall, Luis de Alba, “El Pirrurris”, was taken by ambulance to Mexico City to being intervened where everything went quite well for the comedian.

According to information from Reform, the family of the 76-year-old Mexican actor and comedian made the decision to undertake a road trip of 10 hours on average because they did not have the necessary and economic conditions to face the situation. His transfer was paid for by “a guardian angel.”

They are not ashamed to ask for help

They are not ashamed to ask for help
Instagram photo

The wife of the Mexican actor and comedian Luis de Alba, who accompanied him on the move, added that she was not embarrassed to ask for help, since it is the current situations that have harmed the economy, like that of many other families. For this reason they did not have the necessary resources.

“We do not live in Monterrey, so it is more complicated for me for reasons of stay, economic and everything. The family really is in Mexico City, I feel more sheltered there ”, shared Abigail de Alba in an interview. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Alive

Luis de Alba was transferred to Mexico City

was transferred to Mexico City
Photo Reform Agency

At the edge of 2:30 p.m. a few weeks ago, the Mexican actor known as Pirruris left the San Jorge private hospital, on Ruperto Martínez street, in the Center of Monterrey, Nuevo León, to undertake a trip to the center doctor where he will be operated on in the Capital.

“El Pirrurris” came out on a stretcher, conscious and hoping that everything will go well in his operation. After his mishap, on Wednesday night, he was first taken to the University Hospital, and hours later the family decided to change him to San Jorge, where he received care from a traumatologist. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Alive

He is “a little more resigned”

Photo Reform Agency

“Luis is already a little calmer right now, a little more resigned to the situation. Surgery has not yet been done. We are determined to take him to Mexico City to do it, ”added Abigail de Alba, the actor’s and comedian’s wife.

“He already had a prosthesis on his right hip, but with the fall he hit the exact right side and fractured his femur. The procedure is to change the prosthesis and they are going to put a plate to readjust the femur that remains ”, he added. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Alive

How did the comedian’s accident happen?

How did the comedian's accident happen?
Photo Reform Agency

Luis de Alba visited Monterrey this Wednesday, and at night he was doing promotion and attending a couple of interviews: “He was doing an interview, and leaving that program we were going to others, and Luis told us’ let me go to the bathroom before leave. ‘

“Unfortunately, when it was time to enter the bathroom, he did not notice that there was a step. “He opened the door thinking that the floor was even, so to speak, and when he couldn’t find it, he lost his balance and fell,” explained his wife Abigail de Alba in an interview. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Alive

Relatives of the comedian receive support from several celebrities

Relatives of the comedian receive support from several celebrities
Photo Reform Agency

After the accident of the actor and the economic precariousness that the family is going through became known, friends of the artistic milieu joined the cause: “We have received a lot of support from all the comedians from Monterrey, from Mexico City. , from Guadalajara”.

“The truth is that we have had many angels who are supporting us right now, thank God,” shared Abigail. He spent almost two days in the private hospital San Jorge, but the actor’s wife said they could not stay in the city any longer. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Alive

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