The comedian passed away at the age of 61

  • Saturday Night Live comedian passed away after battle with cancer
  • He kept the news of his illness quiet for nearly a decade
  • “He never wanted the diagnosis to affect the way the audience saw him,” commented a fellow producer.

Sad news! They announced the sensitive passing of Norm Macdonald, who was the star of the Saturday Night Live program. It was through his representation team that the news of the comedian’s death at 61 years of age was made known; he did not want to publicize the health problems he was facing, as he did not want to damage the way the audience viewed them.


A close friend of the comedian, explained to a media outlet that the comedian wanted to fight cancer in private, without giving more details to his family, friends or the audience. He tried to fight the disease for more than nine years and unfortunately, his body no longer resisted that intrusion, passing away this morning.

Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies: Death Announced

Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies: Death Announced
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Through Deadline, the death of comedian Norm Macdonald was revealed. The man lost his life at the age of 61, due to a long battle against cancer that had been part of his life for nine years and of which he remained quite ‘silent’ since he wanted to prevent his family, friends or public, know the disease that afflicted him and see it in a different way.

The media announced that ‘the veteran’ of Saturday night Live, He passed away surrounded by the people he considered most important and in peace. Norm, became one of the most relevant figures on the show and earned a place in the hearts of its audience, remaining on the show from 1993, and left in 1998. Filed Under: Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies

Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies: Death Confirmed

Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies: Death Confirmed
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When the first rumors about his departure came out, his management firm Brillstein Entertainment was in charge of confirming the news of his death and the only media that gave statements was to Deadline. The news shocked the comedian’s followers, who have not hesitated to express themselves through social networks.

One of the comedian’s closest friends told the media about Norm Macdonald’s last moments and how she was lucky to be at the time he passed away. Her longtime friend and production partner of the comedian, Lori Jo Hoekstra, was the one who gave remarks to Deadline talking about the last moments of the comedian. Filed Under: Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies: “I wanted to keep it private”

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies: "I wanted to keep it private"
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The friend and production partner, Lori Jo Hoekstra announced to the media Norm’s wishes and why she did not want to express about her disease to other people, since the man made her explicit his way of thinking on the issue of cancer. he was afflicting for quite a few years and he failed to fight.

She said Macdonald had been battling cancer for almost a decade, but was determined to keep his health problems private, away from family, friends and fans. At first she couldn’t understand Norm’s feeling, but she tried to support him in every decision he made until the last of his days. Filed Under: Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies: “I was very proud”

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies: "I was very proud"
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Lori Jo Hoekstra, expressed her thoughts about her dear friend. She noted that he was extremely proud of his comedy and what he had been able to accomplish in his career, as well as what he had accomplished since arriving from Canada and becoming one of the most iconic figures on the show. That was also one of the reasons he had for no one to know his diagnosis.

“He was very proud of his comedy,” Hoekstra told the news outlet, confirming the comedian’s death. “He never wanted the diagnosis to affect the way the audience or his loved ones saw him. Norm was a pure comedian. ”Lori pointed out about one of her closest friends and whom she saw die. Filed Under: Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies: “He will be missed”

Comedian Norm Macdonald dies: "He will be missed"
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Norm’s partner and friend, opened her heart to Deadline and explained that Macdonald was a comedian who had an accurate thought about jokes and it worked for him throughout his career. For this reason, the man acquired a gigantic fame that assured him the affection of his followers throughout all these years.

“He once wrote that ‘a joke should surprise someone, it should never be complacent.’ It certainly never pleased. Norm will be greatly missed. Filed Under: Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies

Macdonald’s trajectory

Macdonald's trajectory
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Norm Macdonald, was one of the most famous people in the nineties. Norm stood out and became an impressive fame, when he was part of the cast of Saturday Night Live from 1993 to 1998, where he stood out for his good sense of humor and above all, for connecting with the public in an unparalleled way.

He excelled on the show when he had the opportunity to host the “Weekend Update” segments of the show for three seasons. According to the media, Macdonald would prove to be one of the most impactful “Update” presenters, moving away from Chevy Chase’s antics approach and towards the more spiky political approach of his successor Colin Quinn.

Your opinion about cancer

Your opinion about cancer
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Currently, the comedian’s followers have taken to social networks commenting on the anecdotes that they remember most about Macdonald and one of them was when he spoke about cancer and how he visualized the disease, detailing that if the person died, the cancer would also I would and it would not be a ‘battle loss’.

“I’m pretty sure, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that if you die, the cancer dies at the same time. That is not a loss. That’s a tie. ”Norm Macdonald mentioned and was rescued by one of his followers, who shared that thought in a tweet that was quickly shared.

Norm’s story

Norm's story
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The through marked a whole generation, who have remembered him with absolute affection and insatiable love. Born on October 17, 1959 in Quebec City; Macdonald began his career in show business in Canada’s comedy clubs, developing the deadpan style that would become both his trademark and one of the greatest characters in comedy.

His arrival in America was marked when Macdonald was hired to write for the sitcom Roseanne from Roseanne Barr for the 1992-93 season before landing the coveted gig at Saturday Night Live by NBC. From there, his success grew unprecedented, becoming one of the most beloved figures in the business.

“I can not believe it”

"I can not believe it"
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Fans of the comedian, have written on social networks their feelings after the confirmation of his death. Several have mentioned that they have always been aware of what he publishes and the material that he promised to have for his audience, so it is strange to know that they will not get more material from the comic and not see it on television or some Stand Up.

“I can’t believe Norm Macdonald is dead. I watch his comedy on a weekly basis and always look for any new material he publishes. It’s strange to think that nothing new will come out of Norm. One of the best to play the microphone. ”, Mentioned one of his fans through social networks.

“There is no one else like him”

"There is no one else like him"
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Followers have mentioned the anecdotes they had growing up watching their participation in the SNL And how is it that he could always entertain the audience with the jokes he made when he performed live. Several comment that it will be difficult not to hear him again or see him perform in a comedy program or festival.

“The weekend update on SNL he was at his best with Norm Macdonald. His delivery never broke down and it was always fun to watch him irritate the live audience with the nervous banter. There is no one else like him. ”A follower mentioned in a tweet, where Norm’s name is on the Trendig Topic.

“I am heartbroken”

"I am heartbroken"
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People have made the sad news, commenting that they are devastated to learn of the comedian’s death. Some have mentioned that there will never be another person like him and that it will be almost impossible for the world to have a comedian of that caliber, so it is a great loss what happened today.

“Yuck. I am heartbroken to hear that @normmacdonald died. Literally one of the funniest comedians ever. What a waste. I was a huge fan. ”Mentioned a young woman on Twitter, where the fan community has been posting videos, interview parts and memories about her childhood / adolescence watching Norm.

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