the comedian will be intervened after a strong fall

  • Comedian Luis de Alba is hospitalized in an emergency
  • The comedian suffered a very spectacular fall
  • You will undergo a delicate surgery

Luis de Alba hospitalized. The alerts were turned on in the entertainment world, since it is circulating that the famous comedian Luis de Alba recognized for playing the character of Pirruris was hospitalized in an emergency due to a spectacular fall that he suffered and caused a bone fracture.


Through social networks it was the same Mexican comedian who clarified what happened in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. According to his own words, the comedian was in an interview in the royal city, when he had a stumble that had serious consequences, according to Infobae.

Luis de Alba hospitalized in an emergency

Luis de Alba hospitalized

Due to this fall, Luis de Alba was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital, since he apparently had a peri-prosthetic fracture of the right femur. It is worth mentioning that his most affected area was the waist, but everything seems to indicate that the Mexican is stable.

The renowned artist reported that at the clinic where he is hospitalized they will carry out different studies and that he will also undergo surgery to revitalize the area of ​​the blow. De Alba hopes to be successfully operated on to get out of the hospital as soon as possible.

Luis de Alba hospitalized: Launch statement

Luis de Alba hospitalized: Launch statement

Through his Facebook account, the comedian released a statement in which he clarified what actually happened: “Hereby I see the need to make a pertinent clarification regarding various media that have published that my health has been affected. Due to a mishap that I had during an interview in the city of Monterrey where, as a result of a fall, I led to a peri-prosthetic fracture of the right femur.

So I had to be transferred to a well-known hospital, where I am going to stay so that the pertinent studies and surgery can be carried out. I hope it is not something more serious than it appears. Through my press office I will keep you informed of the results, I appreciate your concern, sending blessings to the public and friends who have been concerned about my health. “, Luis added in his social network profile.

Luis de Alba hospitalized: Full support

Luis de Alba hospitalized: Full support

Immediately the followers sent their messages of support for the comedian: “God allow your speedy recovery my Luis de Alba. I wish you do not lose that enthusiasm that has always characterized you. Kind regards ”,“ I’m very sorry about what happened…. I hope and he recovers soon “, said some Internet users

“Take care of yourself a lot pirruris, although I do not have the pleasure of meeting him in person, we esteem him very much and he is a person very dear to us Mexicans, we hope his speedy recovery a big hug”, “Take care of yourself a lot pirruris, you are one of the best comedians that we have left and we love you for a long time to come, God give you a speedy recovery and we wait for you to continue laughing with your ideas ”, were some comments.

Luis de Alba hospitalized: “Animo Juan Camaney”

Luis de Alba hospitalized: "Animo Juan Camaney"

“With all my dear Pirruris, my Juan Camaney, cheer up and you will be back very soon”, “Mr. Luis de Alba may he recover soon, a cordial greeting and God bless him”, “I encourage Juan Camaney that everything goes well, God bless you Pirruris ”,“ Serenity and patience, remember that there is always a way when seen with the eyes of intelligence ”.

“I hope there is no complication of any kind, and you fully recover, I wish this accident had not happened to you, take good care of yourself, that they take good care of you, you are a great comedian, with your characters you describe various profiles of us Mexicans, and you interpret them very rightly, and with great grace, recover, greetings, and a hug ”, the messages continued.

Luis de Alba hospitalized: “Pelé” was also hospitalized

Luis de Alba hospitalized: "Pelé" was also hospitalized

It should be remembered that a few days ago the soccer legend “Pelé” was hospitalized. The 80-year-old former player was admitted to a hospital with an “undisclosed” health problem, according to The Sun. Apparently he has been inside the hospital for six days and worries his followers. Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known as “Pelé” was undergoing “routine” examinations at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, when he was diagnosed with the problem that has not been disclosed despite the fact that it was already known of his hospitalization.

The concern arises days after “Pelé” rejected reports that he had fainted, however, the incident has not been confirmed to be related to reports of his hospitalization. “Guys, I did not pass out and I am in very good health,” he said a few days ago.

Luis de Alba hospitalized: He does not reveal the reason

Does not reveal the reason
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The footballer who won the World Cup three times said: “I went to my routine exams, which I had not been able to do before due to the pandemic”, trying to reassure his followers who were concerned about the health of their idol.

“Let them know I’m not playing next Sunday!” He wrote according to The Sun. Since last year, a documentary that took a look at the past, his career and career showed a “Frágil” version of Pelé, according to the aforementioned medium.

He worried his followers

The player "Pelé" is hospitalized and worries his followers
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Pelé, who went from poverty to world glory, was seen in wheelchairs in the documentary, prompting concern. In 2015, the former player underwent hip surgery. His son, Edinho, said that the famous player is “quite fragile”.

The above, due to the lack of rehabilitation after surgery, as reported by The Sun. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as “Pelé” scored 757 goals in his career, placing himself as one of the best in the world only behind Cristiano Ronaldo. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Hospitalized

He stayed in the hospital without revealing why

He stayed in the hospital without revealing why
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Pelé remains hospitalized in Brazil, after he entered a hospital six days ago to undergo routine tests. According to the Brazilian newspaper Ge Globo, ‘O Rei’ has been hospitalized and under observation at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo since last Tuesday.

The general management of the hospital has not revealed the reasons for the hospitalization, although they could release a statement in the next few hours to report on the health of the three-time world champion with Brazil, according to Agencia Reforma. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Hospitalized

He had cleared the doubts of his health

He had cleared the doubts of his health
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Last Tuesday, Pelé cleared up all doubts about his health by posting a message on his Instagram account where he reported that he was in good health, but now, with the news of his hospitalization, the soccer legend is once again worrying his followers .

Pele, 80, has presented health problems in the past and his public appearances have declined in recent months, says Agencia Reforma. “El Rey” has been hospitalized several times in recent years. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Hospitalized

It is not the first time that he ends up in a hospital

It is not the first time that he ends up in a hospital
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Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as “Pelé”, entered a hospital in Paris in 2019 and was later transferred to Sao Paulo to treat a kidney stone, according to El Sol de México. This would not be the only time your health is of concern.

In 2014, Pelé was also hospitalized for a urinary infection that became complicated, forcing him to undergo dialysis on his left kidney, according to the Mexican newspaper. The situation also attracted attention since in the 70s, the footballer lost his right kidney. Filed Under: Luis de Alba Hospitalized