The community of Santa Ana can be tested for covid-19 at the Consulate General of Mexico

The Latino Health Access mobile clinic does the covid tests in the parking lot of the consulate. (Jacqueline Garcia/The Opinion)

Photo: (Jacqueline García/La Opinion) / Impremedia

A steady stream of people on foot and in their vehicles arrived Wednesday at the parking lot of the Consulate General of Mexico in Santa Ana to get tested for COVID-19 free of charge.

Among them was Mrs. Sinofrosa Alonso, who came to take the test with her daughter because she had an itchy throat and at work some people have tested positive for covid-19. She said that through her daughter she found out about the place.

“I think it’s very good help for Hispanic people because we don’t have the resources or money to pay for health insurance,” Alonso said. “The service here was very easy and fast.”

Guadalupe Terán arrived with her two children, ages 14 and 7. She indicated that a few days ago they had contact with a person infected with covid-19 and wanted to make sure that she and her children are in good health before sending them back to school.

“My sister sent me a message to come and we arrived without an appointment,” Terán said. “It was a quick process, I didn’t have [un] email but the girl helped me because they are going to send me the results by email or text”.

Andrea López was also waiting in line with her family to get tested. They arrived after their son, who also lives in the home, tested positive for covid-19.

“My best would like them to do it here, instead of me looking for how to do it,” López said.

Responding to the need

The COVID-19 Mobile Testing Clinic is a partnership between the Latino Health Access (LHA) organization, the Santa Ana Consulate, and the DLS company that provides the tests.

Guillermo Álvarez, coordinator of the clinics with LHA, said that these clinics began to be created due to the demand and need of the community after the numbers that increased after the end of the year meetings.

“We took action to do this collaboration and come to the consulate every Wednesday,” Álvarez said.

So far, it is the third Wednesday that the clinic arrives at the consulate parking lot. Álvarez explained that there is no date when they will end, everything depends on the demand.

“Every day we serve 500 to 600 people in these clinics.”

Álvarez assured that this is an easy way for the community to arrive on their own or even for people who attend the consulate to carry out their paperwork to get tested without having to make an appointment.

The results are received by text message or by email. Those who test positive for COVID-19 receive individual counseling from LHA members; the objective is to explain to them what steps they must follow.

Orange County confirmed in its latest data from January 12 11,092 positive cases of covid-19 and three deaths.

The Mexican Consulate General in Santa Ana is located at 2100 4th Street. Testing takes place on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The LHA also conducts COVID-19 testing and offers COVID-19 vaccinations for children and adults at its location at 450 W. 4th Street on select days.

For more information and to verify the location closest to you, call (714) 805-7838.

Security at the consulate

Some of the people who arrived at the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana said they felt safe during the time they did their paperwork.

At the entrance they took their temperature, gave them disinfectant and if they did not wear masks they provided them with one.

In addition, all the employees seemed to follow the security protocols and during the time that La Opinión was inside the facilities, all the people who came for a service seemed to leave satisfied. We spoke with several, but none expressed their discontent or insecurity within the consulate.