The conditions to be a beauty queen in Zacatecas, Mexico, which generated outrage in the networks

Villa García is a municipality in the Mexican state of Zacatecas, which is currently on everyone’s lips after some activists and users of social networks have been labeled “misogynistic” and “retrograde” to some of its authorities for the bases of a famous beauty pageant What a year after year to celebrate in this place.

On their official Facebook page, the organizers of the popular contest to find your beauty queen published the image, in which Several things are established as requirements for the participants, among which stand out being between 17 and 22 years old, “having size and beauty”, being single and not having been married or living in a common-law union, as well as not having been pregnant.

The young women of the Zacatecan municipality who would like to participate in the beauty queen contest had to go until this day, Thursday, November 11, to the Municipal Institute of Culture of the municipal seat to register as participants. The first place winner will receive a prize of 10,000 pesos ($ 500 dollars), the second place 7,000 ($ 350) and the third 5,000 ($ 250).

The call was published last November 8 at night, but a few hours later it was deleted from Facebook due to the severe criticism it generated.

The beauty queen contest is labeled as discriminatory and misogynistic

Leticia Torres, pioneer in activism for the protection of women Faced with various forms of patriarchal violence in the state of Zacatecas, he indicated that beauty pageants are already prohibited by law and stressed that this call is discriminatory and misogynistic.

“The municipal authorities that promote this contest may qualify for different sanctions, ignoring the law does not exempt those who violate it from being punished,” he said.

The call also restricts the participation of candidates only to women born in the municipal seat as it leaves out those born in any of the communities that also belong to Villa García.

“As long as we as a society do not change our way of seeing women as people and not as objects, the patriarchal, macho culture will continue to reproduce; This call for the beauty pageant tells us that in many municipalities we are still very behind and that the patriarchy is still deeply rooted. We must work to transform reality and build a more just world without violence against women, ”insisted Torres, who also heads the Gender Equality Department at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, in an interview for the Proceso magazine website.

For its part, activist Cristela Trejo issued a public manifesto in which condemns the objectification of women’s bodies in beauty pageants.

In addition, it regrets that the same government institutions continue to perpetuate this type of “degrading of bodies” practices through so-called “contests”, where a ‘prize’ is obtained by complying with stereotypical standards of what a woman should be. Fulfilling its objective: denigrate and align those who do not comply with them and those who do comply ”.

Trejo also recalls that currently it has been confirmed cases that there is direct and indirect human trafficking behind these contests, where there have been abuses of all kinds and crimes.

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