The controversial elimination of Aida Cuevas in “MasterChef Celebrity”

Aida Cuevas resigned from “MasterChef Celebrity” (Photo: Instagram / @ mastermastermx)

Aida Cuevas was the most recent removed from MasterChef Celebrity Mexico. However, the Mexican singer was not present, but sent a message to announce her resignation. According to Aida, her doctors advised her not to return to the cooking reality show.

The production of the most recent season of the gastronomic competition has been affected by health problems in several of its contestants. Some of his cooks had to leave momentarily to recover from their suspected COVID-19 infections. Aida Cuevas was among these.

The singer of the ranchero genre decided that Matilde Obregón was her representative until her return. However, the latter did not happen, since Cuevas presented his resignation in audio. The announcement surprised viewers, as Obregón had stood out for his dishes and was far from going to the elimination duel.

“Today I am with you to tell you that, following the indications of the doctors, I will no longer be able to return to the kitchen of MasterChef Celebrity. Matilde, I want to thank you because you have represented me in an incredible way. You are a great cook and a great companion”, Aida Cuevas stated.

The performer of songs like Cielo Rojo and Te vas a quedar con las ganas añadió added: “Today I have to say goodbye, but I prefer to say see you soon, because I know that MasterChef Celebrity Mexico and everything that we live here stays in my heart forever. Dear Matilde, we are going together”.

If the unusual situation had not been presented, the elimination of the most recent broadcast of the program could be Stephanie Salas or Paty Navidad, who were in the elimination duel.

Aida Cuevas (Photo: Instagram @ aidacuevasoficial)
The singer was absent for more than four weeks (Photo: Instagram @ aidacuevasoficial)

At the end of Cuevas’ audio, Matilde Obregón said goodbye to her teammates. The journalist had been eliminated from the competition previously, however Cuevas’ health forced her to take up the apron and cook on behalf of the singer. “I was coming for Aida, not for Matilde”, said the communicator.

“You were a great cook like Matilde. You were a great cook representing Aida. Thank you Matilde for having dared to cook and for having dared to return. You leave today as a great winner, congratulations “, acknowledged the chef Betty.

Matilde Obregón, for her part, acknowledged that she had mixed feelings knowing that the ranchero singer would not return to the reality. “We went far together, I did not disappoint you” the journalist commented prior to her final departure.

Matilde Obregón (Photo: Instagram / @ matildeobregon)
Matilde Obregón was eliminated twice (Photo: Instagram / @ matildeobregon)

The announcement of the resignation of Aida Cuevas took by surprise all the participants of the reality. Germán Montero, before hearing the news, confessed to having been afraid that they would put him to cook again, despite being on the balcony with Matilde Obregón and Paco Chacón.

The departure for medical reasons of Aida Cuevas left Paty Navidad, Stephanie Salas, Laura Zapata, Paco Chacón and German Montero Like the semifinalists from MasterChef Celebrity. Similarly, Matilde was the last cook to represent another competitor.

Stephanie Salas
Stephanie Salas was pointed out by the fans of the program as who should have left (Photo: Instagram / @ masterchefmx)

Matilde Obregon represented Aida Cuevas over four weeks. In these, he showed good seasoning, achieving important victories on behalf of the singer. In the same way, it released the sentences that ended up taking out of competition Tony Balardi, David Salomón, Aristeo Cázares and Mauritius Islands.

“Thanks MasterChef Mexico. Everything has a beginning and an end and I leave with a heart full of joy and love for their expressions of affection “, were the words of Aida Cuevas on the official Instagram account of the gastronomic reality show.

The followers of the TV Azteca program set fire to social networks with their comments. Among them, they highlighted that Stephanie Salas should have been eliminated. “Stephanie is very upright, she must have left,” commented a user on Instagram. “They had to get Stephanie out. It cannot be more protected” pointed out another viewer.