The cost of the “Va y Ven” ticket from Mérida will be 12 pesos.

The Government of the State of Yucatán reported today that the cost of passage of the peripheral route “Come and go” It will be free for one more month, that is, the entire month of January will be free this new service of this transport system of Merida.

Similarly, he mentioned that on February 1, 2022, the cost of the passage It will be 12 pesos, with a social rate of five pesos for students and seniors, while people with disabilities will not pay any rate.

The cost of the “Va y Ven” ticket will be 12 pesos, according to the Government of Yucatan. The payment of the “Va y Ven” of Mérida will be electronically in a certain time.

The administration of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal indicated that options were evaluated to reduce the rate for users, but maintaining the quality that is characterizing this transport service that runs through the peripheral of Merida.

He reported that a service with the conditions and quality offered by “Va y Ven” would cost around 18 pesos, but the state administration will subsidize part of the cost, allowing it to be left at 12 pesos and it will serve to give them the maintenance that the units require.

The cost of the ticket will be paid electronically

The payment of the “Va y Ven” of Mérida will be electronically in a certain time.

Regarding the payment, the Government of the State of Yucatan indicated that it will start with a hybrid model, this to allow time for people to adapt, but later it is expected to move to a completely electronic system with cards.

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The Institute of Mobility and Territorial Urban Development (IMDUT) reported that the peripheral route “Come and go” It has made 434 thousand 773 trips and has traveled a total of 175 thousand 578 kilometers since the start of operations a little over a month ago.

It should be noted that the new route benefits 144 thousand inhabitants of Merida, through the operation of 20 high-end buses in which the connectivity offered by this transport service stands out, connecting more than 120 neighborhoods.

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