The creator of ‘La Casa de Papel’ regretted the death of one of his characters

The second part of the fifth season of ‘La Casa de Papel’ premiered in December.

Photo: Tamara Arranz / Netflix

It’s without doubt that ‘The Money Heist‘is one of the great successes of Netflix. In terms of popularity, this Spanish fiction grew exponentially, to the point of becoming a true phenomenon that crossed borders, and conquered audiences in all countries. For this reason, fans of that title closely follow the statements of its protagonists. And in this case, a comment from the creator of the story, the screenwriter Alex Pina, drew attention to which character could have had a longer life.

In the framework of an interview for CNN Brazil, Pina spoke about the end of the series, and took stock of the journey of her work. In this context, the screenwriter spoke about how he worked on the closing of the saga on the group of thieves, and detailed the enormous work that required him to write the climax of his epic. In the dialogue, the author referred to the deaths of characters that most impacted the public, mainly that of Nairobi (Alba Flores) and that of Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), but to the surprise of those interviewed, he regretted one that happened a long time ago.

At one point in the talk, Pina expressed: “Moscow was a character that offered a lot of comedy, and that I still had a lot to give. If I had known that we would have a longer life, I would have thought twice”.

The character known as Moscow, played by Paco Tous, has a great role in the two initial seasons. He is the father of Denver (Jaime Lorente), and the person in charge of digging the tunnel that allows the thieves to escape once the robbery is finished. But Moscow dies at the hands of the police, in one of the saddest moments of the series. It should be remembered that those first two years of La casa de papel, had a very low rating when they were broadcast on Spanish television, and that neither Pina nor any of its protagonists imagined that the relaunch of Netflix was going to mean the possibility of recording. more seasons. For that reason, the screenwriter refers to that death as a decision that, in light of how much fiction grew, ended up being premature.

After 41 episodes distributed over five batches, ‘La Casa de Papel’ came to a close last Friday, December 3, remaining one of the most popular Netflix titles, and renewing the interest of viewers around the world.

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