The cry of Ebelin Ortiz when she revealed that her uterus was removed

Afro-Peruvian actress and singer Ebelin Ortiz revealed that she underwent a hysterectomy, surgery that involves the removal of the uterus. As she said through her Instagram account, the operation was carried out successfully.

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After exiting the intervention, the artist shared images from her hospital bed, where she received a visit from some relatives and friends.

Hours before entering the operating room, Ebelin Ortiz He made a streaming explaining a little more about this surgery and his fears regarding the risks it entails.

Our creative power, our creative power, is not in our womb: it is in our mind. It is from our thoughts, wishes and imagination that we produce. Women, let’s not allow them to annul us for not having a uterus, because we are creators per se”, Reads the description that accompanies the video of the actress.

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Ebelin Ortiz made a live broadcast to report that she underwent a hysterectomy. (Photo: @ebelinortiz)

Why did you make this decision?

During the live broadcast, Ebelin Ortiz she broke down realizing how difficult it was to make this determination. “For women who are going through the same things as us, it is complicated, it is difficult, one feels that one is becoming invalid, but, in truth, no. We are all beings who give life, and not only for someone who is born of us “she explained through tears.

At another point, the actress alluded to what motivated her to undergo a hysterectomy. I have been coming for a long time, since the confinement began, in a process of letting go to make the trip lighter. My mission in life is to travel light. (…) Sometimes you also need to get rid of the things you don’t need, I am one of those who is convinced that, if you have not used something in two years, you are not going to use it anymore and you should get rid of it”, He sentenced.


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