The daily cases of Covid-19 continue to drop in Yucatan: today there were only 45 infections

The Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY) reported that today, March 2, 45 new cases of Coronavirus were detected, which meant a decrease in infections diaries of Covid-19 compared to a previous day, when there were 77.

Of the total of infections detected in the last 24 hours, 22 were detected in Mérida, eight in Umán, three in Tixkokob, two in Progreso and Ticul, as well as one in Acanceh, Izamal, Chicxulub Pueblo, Dzidzantún, Hunucmá, Maxcanú, Valladolid and a foreigner.

The daily infections of Covid-19 in Yucatan have decreased significantly. The number of hospitalized by Covid-19 have also dropped notably.

Regarding deaths, it was reported that two people died, one was a woman and the other a man, who were 85 and 72 years old, respectivelyboth lived in Mérida and suffered from various diseases such as diabetes, obesity, among others.

With these deaths Yucatan accumulates 6,882 people who have died from the Coronavirus, in addition to the fact that 412 cases are active, stable and isolated, according to figures provided by the State Health Secretariat (SSY).

Number of hospitalized by Covid-19 continues to drop

The number of hospitalized by Covid-19 have also dropped notably.

However, the number of hospitalizations had a slight decrease, since today it was reported that 35 people were admitted to public hospitals, while on March 1 it was reported that 36 people were admitted for Covid-19.

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Since the Coronavirus pandemic began to date, 102,020 patients have recovered, which represents 93 percent of the total number of cases. infections registered, which is 109 thousand 349 in Yucatanaccording to state statistics from the SSY.

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