The daughter of the actress made a ‘little arrangement’

  • Ana Paula Capetillo made a little ‘fix’ on her mother’s face and the result left her impressed
  • Thanks to Instagram filters, the young woman experimented with the face of her mother who was delighted to pose for the camera
  • “She doesn’t need filters,” her fans answer

UNRECOGNIZABLE! Biby Gaytán’s daughter, surprised her followers by showing her mother with a small ‘fix’ on her face. Ana Pau, was in charge of showing her mother through social networks, looking surprising due to the filters of the application where she was taking the picture.


Biby mentioned that she was shocked with the changes made by the effect in social networks, noting that she had loved them. While Ana Pau was in charge of ‘pouting’ her mother, who posed with more pleasure for the camera enjoying the compliments that her 24-year-old daughter gave her.

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: The chulea in social networks

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: The chulea in social networks
Photo: Instagram

Biby Gaytán, surprised her followers through her daughter’s social networks. The 24-year-old was in charge of showing her mother how Instagram was handled and teaching her the filters used in said social network; For that reason, the young woman enjoyed showing him a special filter where he made a small ‘fix’ on his face.

It seems that both women were having a good afternoon, enjoying their quality time together. For this reason, while the young woman played with the application for a while, she taught her mother how to use the filters that come in the application and show her how she can change the appearance of people. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

Unrecognizable Biby Gaytán: Looks Very Different

Unrecognizable Biby Gaytán: Looks Very Different
Photo: Instagram

The young woman shared with her Instagram followers a story where she is showing her mother a new filter that she had found in the application. In that story, Biby’s face is shown to change slightly because that filter made her nose slimmer and she had freckles on her cheeks.

“Look at this filter, mom,” Ana Paula commented to her mother, while she focused the cell phone camera on her mother’s face, and the filter made those little ‘arrangements’ for her. “Listen to me!”, Replied the soap opera actress to her daughter, while posing in those moments and a completely different image of the actress was shown. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable: Her Daughter’s Flattery

Unrecognizable Biby Gaytán: Her Daughter's Flattery
Photo: Instagram

Ana Paula Capetillo, did not hesitate to express how good her mother looked with that Instagram filter, so she quickly began to praise her and tell her how good she looked using that type of ‘tricks’ in the application. That seemed to cheer the actress, who was smiling enormously at her daughter’s words.

“How beautiful!”, Said Ana Pau, flattering the actress and singer. Biby only started laughing at what her daughter said, while the young woman kept encouraging her to pose for her Instagram followers. On different occasions, it has been mentioned that Ana Paula is very similar to her mother and as the years go by, that version is confirmed. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: “You don’t need filters”

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: "No need for filters"
Photo: Instagram

The clip was shared by the Instagram account ‘Univisión Famosos’, who commented on the appearance of the actress and told her that she did not need those filters to look very good, they also expressed the love they have for her and how happy they were to be to see the actress and her daughter so united, who whenever they can, share their day to day with the followers.

Listen to me! ”: @Bibygaytan is surprised by an Instagram filter and her daughter praises her for being ‘beautiful’”, reads the description of the video uploaded by the actress and her daughter. “She does not need filters, she is beautiful,” they commented in the publication that said Instagram account shared, a few moments ago. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: Alejandra, daughter of the actress spoke about the burn that was done to her face

Alejandra Capetillo burns her daughter Biby Gaytán's face
Photo: Instagram

“I want to show you the caliber of burn without a filter”, were the words of Alejandra Capetillo, daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo in the face of the terrible situation she experienced for not paying attention to an incident she had while cooking and that now has consequences for her face.

For a year, Alejandra Capetillo, went to live in Madrid, Spain and has seen them ‘black’ between weather phenomena, the COVID pandemic and other things that she has had to face alone, however, now she had another accident of the that he will not be able to ‘escape’ since he burned his face. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

“It hurts to make gestures”

Daughter of Biby Gaytán
Photo: Instagram

“In other words, it hurts even to make gestures”, were the words of Alejandra Capetillo when she showed her face burned by the oil that jumped on her while she was cooking, but the worst of all was that Biby Gaytán’s daughter did not take her due importance and The situation got worse, because she even put on makeup.

Since she went to live alone, Eduardo Capetillo’s daughter has learned what it means to be a housewife and to work and live on her own, however, one of the tasks that she does not master is cooking, so she had to face the oil burn that jumped into his face.

It was a mistake

Daughter Eduardo Capetillo burns her face
Photo: Instagram

Alejandra Capetillo’s ‘sin’ was not paying attention to the oil on her face, because when she thought that she would not grow older, she did not protect herself with any treatment and on the contrary, she continued to apply makeup as if nothing had happened and that caused the burn to get worse and there will be a major mark on the face.

“It was all by mistake, because I was on the moon, I was cooking, droplets of oil fell on me and I didn’t care, that is, I didn’t see if something had happened to my face, I cleaned up and that’s it …”, the young woman began saying that Now she lives in Madrid, away from her parents Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo.

It sports a big burn

Alejandra Capetillo burns her daughter Biby Gaytán's face
Photo: Instagram

“I thought it was a pimple because it came out like a little red dot at night and I said ‘oh well, x, it doesn’t matter, a pimple’, but I kept putting my makeup on, that is, the next day I put on makeup and everything and the mistake here it was that when I removed my make-up, it was like the skin was removed ”, he assured.

Visibly calm and without taking much importance to the fact, although the brand is very visible, Alejandra Capetillo continued: “Yesterday I put hydrogen peroxide and everything, that’s why they see it like this right now as if it were like a scab, because all night I had hydrogen peroxide but It still does not heal well, it is just the first day that I am taking care of it…. ”, said the young woman.

Did not pay attention

Daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo burns
Photo: Instagram

Just months ago the reality show of the Capetillo-Gaytán family was broadcast where the members of the dynasty could be seen in their daily work and among the most controversial was that Biby Gaytán wanted to celebrate her wedding anniversary in style and ended in a great fight with Eduardo Capetillo for the economy of the celebration.

Another scene that aroused interest in that reality show was when Alejandra Capetillo announced that she wanted to go live alone in Spain and before the tears and surprises of her famous parents she told her dreams of being able to dedicate herself to completing her studies from the motherland. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ALEJANDRA CAPETILLO AND HER BURN

Lives in Madrid, for a year

Alejandra Capetillo burned
Photo: Instagram

Eduardo Capetillo has always been branded as jealous, so it is not surprising that now supposed rules have been leaked that he has put on Biby Gaytán and even on his children to establish a more assertive ‘family union’ although they turn out to be exaggerated.

The program ‘De Primera Mano’ shared a video where Eduardo Capetillo told what were the secrets to curing such a long time of stable marriage with Biby Gaytán, but later, one of the show’s hosts revealed what happened when he once met the couple.

Family union

Eduardo Capetillo, jealous?
Photo: Instagram

“There is no secret, it is something completely opposite to a secret, it is transparency, the most transparent force that exists in the universe is love, that is so great and so powerful that scientists have not been able to measure, they have been able to measure intolerance , lust, frustration, but not love, because it is so great that it cannot be measured, “he said.

But the actor said that the basic principle for a lasting relationship is love and that what apparently happens between him and Biby Gaytán is there and does not end: “Many things, they are 28 years together, we have lived very complex things, since loss of loved ones, from having to be away from each other for work reasons, which is something we don’t like… ”, he said. Some images of this note come from this and this videos

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