The daughters of Jacky Bracamontes sell cookies and drinks in front of their home in Miami

Jacky Bracamontes She does not stop showing off her daughters on social networks and now she was very proud of a position that they put right in front of her home in Miami, Florida.

The girls set up a white table and chairs to attract shoppers in the area who they offered him soft drinks, cookies and popcorn.

Several of the people passing by this street stopped and bought some candy for the girls, who were very excited.

At one point Martín Fuentes, the girls’ father, he lay down in the middle of the street so that the cars would stop and they will buy; however, his daughters asked him to stop because they could “crush” him.

Since the sale started their goal was to raise $50 dollars and they achieved $51 dollars, that extra dollar was requested by Fuentes for their support of the sale.

The little ones of Jacky Bracamontes usually have a lot of fun at home, a year ago they transformed the garage of the house into their own mansion with everything you need.

Also their mother usually makes great celebrations for them in luxurious hotels and takes them on fun trips through Europe.

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