The day César Bono said he had little time to live

César Bono has spoken on several occasions about his death, assuring that it will be soon (Photo: Instagram/@billieparkernoticias)

Caesar Bono was hospitalized of emergency the dawn of this Friday for what he alerted his public, since months ago he assured that he had little time to live.

Four years ago, the actor known as Frankie Rivers for his character in the series Neighbors, had several health complications that continue to present sequelae to date. He suffered a heart muscle blockage and eight strokes, which affected their movement. For this reason, he assured that there was an occasion in which he was On the verge of death.

I was going to die before the coronavirus, but I didn’t die; I was left with motion sequels, which is what worries me, but nothing hurts or I’m sick. The consequences are due to the heart attacks I had, but I’m still here, “he said in an interview with TV and novels in 2020.

Despite the fact that the actor was encouraged to face the consequences left by his heart attacks, he confessed that he has little time to live, although he clarified that he was not giving these statements in a negative way, but that he is conscious of his age and health, in addition, he is realistic.

Caesar Bono
Bono assured that his will is ready, since he is cautious about what may happen in the future (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Cuartoscuro/)

“I am 70 years old, if I am not aware that I am going to live less than when I was 20, I would be mentally retarded. Of course I don’t have much time to live and of course my health was affected. Even the neurologist who saw my eight heart attacks doesn’t know how I’m alive.”

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He made it clear that he is an optimistic person and does not have depression, he just likes to see life objectively and accept what comes according to his age.

“I am an optimistic man. I’m good. Then they put that I am in depression and no, what happens is that I am realistic. They gave me more than eight heart attacks, then how not to think about death? It is not the same that they tell you ‘he had a heart attack’ to ‘they gave him eight!’”, he commented for the magazine.

In addition to the heart attacks he suffered in 2018, in February 2019 he was hospitalized due to Gastrointestinal disorders that forced him to stop his staging at the last minute Defending the caveman. In addition to this, he also suffers from a hiatal hernia who refuses to attend with any surgical procedure.

Caesar Bono
The actor currently uses a cane to get around, but before that he had to use walkers and wheelchairs (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Enrique Ordoñez/)

“My organism is dying; it sounds sloppy, but it’s the reality”He commented in an interview with TV and novels after being discharged in 2019.

César Bono was hospitalized in an emergency

This Friday, after María Rosa, the daughter of César Bono, announced that she needed blood donors, since her father had been taken to the hospital, it was revealed that the comedian was hospitalized because suffered from bleeding from an ulcercommented Leonardo, the actor’s son.

In an interview with Javier Poza, Leonardo revealed that his father he has been hospitalized for several days since an ulcer that the doctors described as “ultra giant” burst. Nevertheless, is stable and under observation. You will need to stay in the hospital while the ulcer heals.

Bono reappeared on social networks to let his audience know that he is fine and thanked them for their concern, as well as to confirm that he is out of danger. He wrote, “Thank you so much to all my media friends, peers, and everyone who has cared. I am stable and in good health. I’m not in danger”.

Last August, César announced that he had COVID-19, but he was asymptomatic thanks to the fact that he had his complete vaccination schedule. His recovery was successful and quick.


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