The day that Frida Kahlo asked María Félix to marry Diego Rivera

Her artistic career positioned her as one of the most recognized actresses in the country, however, the personal life of Maria Felix she was surrounded by loves and scandals that accompanied her until her last days.

The first time that Maria came to the altar was in 1931 with the cosmetics salesman Enrique Alvarez Alatorre with whom he also had his first and only child. Some time later he began to make his way into show business where he met Agustin Lara.

After a failed first marriage, the first Mexican actress chose to give love a new chance and in 1945 she married again, but this time with the so-called “Flaco de Oro”. As reported by Infobae.

María Félix was a close friend of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera María Félix and Diego Rivera

It is worth mentioning that at the same time that she consummated her marriage to the composer, María Félix was beginning to form a very good friendship with one of the most iconic painters of the time: Frida Kahlo.

At that time, Frida Kahlo had married for the second time the muralist Diego Rivera, who was the great love of her life. However, the relationship between the two was always surrounded by infidelities and scandals that accompanied them until the day of their death.

The friendship between the leading actress and the Mexican painter grew so much that even María Félix used to stay for days in the famous Blue House in Coyoacán, where she enjoyed watching Diego and Frida paint.

María Félix took refuge with the painters

María Félix and Diego Rivera

After divorcing Agustín Lara, María Félix found a refuge next to the painters who were totally captivated by her presence and personality. For her part, Frida was going through a painful moment in her life, as her health condition worsened every day.

On different occasions, Diego Rivera confessed his love to María but she rejected it, at first she believed that it was all a joke until on one occasion the muralist proposed marriage and Frida Kahlo herself, through a letter, asked him to Felix to accept the proposal.

Despite this, María Félix rejected any proposal from Diego Rivera because she confessed not being attracted to him since she did not consider him particularly graceful, a fact that differed from Frida’s vision.

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