The day that Pedro Infante sang for Dolores del Río

Pedro Infante fulfilled one of his dreams by singing for Dolores del Río and being photographed with her (Photos: INAH/Twitter @UNAM_MX)

Pedro Infante on one occasion sang for Dolores del Rioand felt so much admiration for her who took it like a whole honor.

From a very young age, Pedro Infante had the goal of becoming a great musician, something he inherited from his father, since he was a musician and worked in an orchestra in Sinaloa. It was for this that the Idol of the People He began his career alongside his father, faithfully accompanying him to his presentations.

Little by little he made his own fame in Sinaloa being part of orchestras and bands, but after having turned 21 decided to leave Guamúchil and all the popularity he had already gained to go to the country’s capital to fulfill his dreams.

Already in Mexico City, Pedro worked during his first years in the capital with the orchestra Roof gardenwhich had great prestige and on several occasions they had to appear at political and artist events.

Pedro Infante
Infante positioned himself as one of the most popular orchestra singers in Mexico City due to his great talent (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

The singer became famous for singing songs like stardust, one of the favorite songs of the moment and that allowed the Sinaloan to play with his vocal abilities. He quickly became one of the most loved performers by people who frequented nightclubs.

On one of the many nights that Infante worked at the tap roomone of the most famous halls of the time that was located in the basement of the Hotel Reformahe met one of the actresses he considered his idol: Dolores del Rio.

And it is that the most important histriones usually came to this place, but Pedro had not had the opportunity to coincide with Lolita until that night in 1942.

As reported Mary Louise Leon, the first wife of the actor and with whom he lived during his first years in the city, that day Infante came from work very effusive and later than usual. As soon as he greeted her he broke the news to her that they had taken a picture of him with Dolores del Río.

Dolores del Rio
For Pedro it was a dream come true to have sung to the most important actress of the time (Photo: Facebook/The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema)

That night Pedro was requested to approach the table where the actress was and sing to himbecause being the director of the orchestra and his voice, he would have called the attention of Dolores and her companions.

The Idol of Guamuchilat only 24 years old, felt completely honored of having had the opportunity to interpret some songs to the actress, who since then had already positioned herself as one of the most important stars of the Golden era of Mexican cinema, as well as in Hollywood.

For the young man from Sinaloa, Del Río seemed like a queen, her beauty would have fascinated him, and being still a novice singer in Mexico City, for him to have sung for the actress and, moreover, to have been photographed with her, It was a dream come true.

Pedro Infante and Dolores del Rio
Pedro Infante singing to Dolores del Río at the Hotel Reforma (Photo: Instagram/@pedroinfantecruz)

The moment would have been special also for the press of the time, because the photo was published the next day in a newspaper. In the image you can see a Pedro Infante who did not use the mustache that later became characteristic of him, he carries a guitar that he is playing while he sings. Next to him, Dolores sees him smiling and attentively.

Unfortunately, the artists never worked together for a film, they only shared credits in The reportone of the most ambitious films of emily The Indian Fernandez, because he tried to bring together the most important actors of the moment. In addition to Pedro Infante and Dolores del Río, about 30 actors participated in the film.


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