The day Vicente Fernández and Celia Cruz joined their talent with ‘El Rey’

Vicente Fernandez He was characterized by always giving himself to his audience, achieving perfect dumbbells with fellow musicians with whom he shared the stage.

Although on several occasions it has been assured that ‘The Charro of Huentitan‘ He would have had a bad relationship with some colleagues, the truth is that, on the occasions where he was accompanied, he always did it like a professional.

Just like the occasion in which his enmity with Juan Gabriel was assured or even the estrangement with José Alfredo Jiménez, such cases are overshadowed by the moment that AmericanPost.News rescued below.

‘Chente’ and Celia Cruz joined their voices in ‘El Rey’

interpreting ‘The king’, iconic theme of the Mexican charro, the public was able to see the union on the same stage of Chente and Celia Cruztwo great exponents of music in Spanish.

The ‘queen of sauce’ With his peculiar style of interpretation, he took over the stage and fearlessly did a duet with Chente on the song, without a doubt one of the great moments for the entertainment industry.

At the end of the presentation it is possible to appreciate how the voices combine perfectly, closing the act with a warm hug that sealed their friendship.

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Vicente Fernandez best songs

Owner of an unforgettable voice and responsible for hundreds of hits, the singer has been immortalized by the Mexican people as one of the great exponents of the genre.

Vicente Fernandez best songs

“Beautiful honey”, “Divine Women”, “La Ley del Monte”, “For your damn love”, “This jealousy”, “Forever” Y “Urgent”are just one of his many themes.

Vicente Fernandez He is also considered a legend along with other greats like Jorge Negrete, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Pedro Infante Y John Gabriel.

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