The detail for which this couple who is drinking coffee was harshly criticized

Those who are parents, especially babies and young children, need to take a break to get away for a moment from the responsibilities of having children and also, because sometimes it is necessary to strengthen ties as a couple.

There is no doubt that any breeding method is respectable; However, we cannot ignore how obvious it is that all the little ones need the attention of their parents, which can sometimes be exhausting.

On the subject, en social networks, users have not missed a curious scene shared by a TikTok user, who was stunned at what his eyes were looking at regarding the behavior of a young pair of parents with their baby a few months old.

It turns out that in the video you can see who seems to be the parents of a baby sitting in a local in a shopping center, drinking a coffee very comfortably, chatting quietly. But at the mother’s feet you can see her baby lying on the ground, also calm, enjoying the moment.

Due to the behavior of the parents and the baby, it seems that the scene is something normal, not so for the users of the networks, who have severely criticized the couple for leaving their baby, to its fate, on the ground.

The criticisms range from the attitude of the parents, who point out that they are “bad” for putting their needs before the attention they should have towards their child, while others have pointed out the danger that this scene represents for the baby due to the conditions of little hygiene that is in the apartment.

What do you think about this scene?

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