“The devil wanted to attack me”: Woman beheads her six-year-old son and her dog in the United States

United States.- A woman was charged with murder after stabbing and beheading her six-year-old son because the “devil” wanted to attack her, according to what she said in her call to the emergency numbers.

A decapitated boy and a dog were what the members of the Kansas City Police found  after attending a call for help. A woman had contacted the emergency room because the “devil” was attacking her, so minutes later the police forces came to her home.

Upon arrival, the officers learned from the neighbors that a woman and several children lived inside, but they had not been seen in the house for several days, so fearing that they might be at risk. They told Tasha Haef, 35 years old, to open the door for them.

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“Agents, while attempting to contact the female occupant, noted what appeared to be the severed head of a deceased person near the threshold of the residence” indicates the official complaint of the facts.

One of the policemen would have observed the head of a child, so they quickly entered the house to save the other children who were believed to be inside the place.

“The agents, who feared for the safety of the children who remained inside the residence, forced entry in extreme circumstances,” it is explained.

Upon entering, the police found the house covered in blood and hair everywhere. They found the decapitated body of a six-year-old boy in the kitchen, which was identified as Karvel. However, after carrying out an exhaustive search, the rest of the children’s body was not found.

In the basement, the body of a dog was found instead, also decapitated, as well as a screwdriver and two knives covered in blood that were in plain sight in the house.

After confessing to having committed the murder, Tasha Haef was arrested and interrogated, where she stated that “I did it because the devil wanted to attack me.”

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It is believed that the woman suffers from some type of mental illness, according to Jackson County Attorney Jean Peters Baker, for which he stated that the “community must pay more attention to prevent these events.”