The different types of poker

Although its origins are not exact, poker could have its origins in a 16th century Persian card game known as As Nas. Persian sailors are believed to have taught it to French settlers in New Orleans.

Played like modern five card stud with 25 cards of 5 different suits, Ace Nas came to be called “poque” or “pochen” in Europe. Poque is a French term meaning to hit. of poker could be in Europe and Persia, however, it was popularized on a large scale in the United States.
Poker has evolved over time. Twenty years ago, the game was played by outlaws aboard riverboats and today it is a celebrated “sport” played by professionals around the world. There have also been different types of poker games that you should know, that is why we present them to you in this article.

texas hold’em

A classic that can never be missed if you are starting to play poker. It develops in the following stages:

  • pre flop: each player receives two ‘hole’ cards face down

  • the flop: then come three “community” cards dealt face up

  • the turn: a fourth community card is dealt

  • the river: a fifth community card is dealt

Bets are made after each stage as players hit, raise or fold after checking their cards. The goal is to make the best five-card poker hand out of the seven available.

Sometimes two or more players left in the game reveal their cards (a showdown) and the best hand wins. Other times, all but one player folds and takes the pot. The Texas Hold ‘Em It is one of the favorite modalities in competitions and by poker professionals, although today there are Artificial Intelligence systems capable of defeating them.

Omaha Hold’em

Also know as omaha either omaha poker, this modality is very similar to Texas Hold’em. It also features four betting rounds and five community cards, but in this mode, the community cards start face up from the start and each player receives four hole cards instead of two.

Each player makes their five-card hand from their four hole cards and the five community cards. A variation of Omaha Hold’em is called omaha hi lo, a game in which the pot is split between the highest and lowest hands on the table. The only way to win the entire pot is to be the player with the highest and lowest hands.

Seven Card Stud

The Seven Card Stud it was the most loved poker game before Texas Hold’em exploded in popularity. This modality is a little more complicated and requires a minimum of skill. It also has similarities to the ‘uncovered’ poker that has been played in Spain for years.

In seven card stud, there are two to eight players and there are no flops or community cards. Instead, the game starts with two ‘hole’ cards face down and a third ‘hole’ card face up (the hole cards and the door card).

Seven cards are dealt (three face down and four face up) and the best combination of five cards is chosen. Opponents must reveal some of their cards during the hand, and everyone must reveal their hand after the last round of betting. The holder of the best five-card hand out of the seven dealt wins.


a game of Badugi It has the same ranking structure as in traditional poker, except instead of Aces being high value cards, they are now low value.

The dealer deals players four ‘hole’ cards, and then a round of betting begins. The first draw round then begins, in which each player can draw up to four cards at a time.

A second round of betting begins, then there is another draw of up to four cards, followed by a third round of betting. This is followed by the final robbery, a final round of betting, and the showdown. The player with the best four-card poker hand of his wins.

Five Card Draw

The Five Card Draw has one goal is simple: to make the best five-card hand. To start, five cards are dealt to everyone and the first round of betting takes place. The bet is made, then up to three cards can be exchanged and the next round of betting proceeds. After this, the player with the best hand wins.
Although it sounds simple, players often make the mistake of analyzing their opponents and seeing if they can find an advantage. But it could just as easily be a bluff to get you to fold.


The razz is a lowball poker game (a type of game in which the lowest hand wins) in which the traditional ranking of cards does not apply – ace is usually the highest, deuce is usually the lowest -, but the ace is the lowest card in the deck. Razz follows a stud format, which means that players do not have the opportunity to exchange their cards.

These are some of the modalities that demonstrate how varied poker can be. Many games have similar features, but others are totally different.