The disorder that was diagnosed late and the pain of the unexpected death of her twin sister: Linda Hamilton, the unforgettable Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton

the saga terminator It is one of the relics of action cinema. We speak punctually of the first appearances, with the main protagonists in their splendor: led by the T-800 of an immutable arnold schwarzenegger, the main characters of the original installment (launched in 1984) and its sequels (from 1991) remained in the collective memory. Even to this day, several continue to pay the price, because their names have been linked to the creation of james cameron.

How not to remember the heroine sarah connor, empowered woman within the film. A fighter who left everything to save the world, being the future mother of the leader of the Resistance in the fight against the machines, John Connor (Edward Furlong). He was in the first, second and third installments, released in 2003, when the character dies of leukemia. However, in subsequent installments he returned, either with his voice or with special appearances.

who put himself in the shoes of sarah was the actress Linda Hamilton. She had made her film debut in 1979, after minor television appearances as part of Night Flowers. Then other projects would come with which she would make her weapons until she was called to join this purpose, which was a before and after in her life.

After terminator continued working: he was part of films that had repercussions, such as Beauty and the Beast (won a Golden Globe), A town called Dante’s Peak, Secret Weapons, A mother’s plea and a silent witnessamong other works of some importance.

What happened to the life of Linda Hamilton, the actress who gave life to Sarah Connor in the Terminator saga
Linda Hamilton in the skin of Sarah Connor (Photo: Instagram)

Hamilton was born in a town called Salisbury, in Maryland, United States, on September 26, 1956. As a very young girl she had to deal with situations that marked her forever. The big hit for her and her twin sister (lislie hamilton) occurred at the age of 5 with the death of his father. A few years later her mother formed a couple again: from that relationship she had another brother. But Linda’s childhood was not ideal.

Passionate about reading, she once commented that those years were so boring that she found a way to distract herself in books: there wasn’t much to do in town and she hardly had any friends. She was growing up and in high school she had the fixed idea of ​​studying Archaeology. But her school acts, and how much fun she had on those stages, opened another path for her.

What happened to the life of Linda Hamilton, the actress who gave life to Sarah Connor in the Terminator saga
Linda Hamilton (Photo: Instagram)

They were years in which he joined a neighborhood theater group, in which he collaborated with children. That led her to join the Washington College, a New York acting institute. There, coldly and looking into her eyes, her teacher told her not to waste her time, that she was still young to channel her concerns in another direction, because she did not see a future for her as an actress.

Hamilton walked away but persisted. She started attending acting workshops until she finally got her chance on television to later move on to the big screen and become Hollywood’s favorite heroine. A significant step so that all those who had not trusted her will now find her high up, at the top of the mecca of cinema.

Along with his professional growth, his health began to play tricks on him. Problems linked to disorders that nobody could detect. He went from doctor to doctor and could not find the solution. Finally it came, and once she recovered, Linda decided to talk about it. “I lost 20 years of my life, from 20 to 40. I call them my lost years,” she confessed in 2004 to the Spanish medium frame.

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton
James Cameron and Linda Hamilton started a romance in Terminator 2

“When I was euphoric those were brilliant times. She didn’t need to sleep. I think I spent four years sleeping four hours a night. And it woke me up great. But it wasn’t all good feelings. I accumulated a lot of anger, which I think was part of my disorder. The ability to fight, to fight, to have everything and everyone under control… And the rage I felt because my system was exhausted. And in my lowest moments, I felt like I was sinking in a well that I couldn’t get out of, ”she added in the interview.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, began medical treatment, and since then her life has changed. It is a disease that he will always live with, but with the indicated medicine he will be able to lead a normal life, without major difficulties. But she Linda does not forget that she came to interfere in her relationships. Without going any further, her first marriage was with the actor Bruce Abbottwhom he met in 1983 and separated in 1989, with a newborn son at the time, who is called dalton. She acknowledged that her disorder made living together untenable. She said that she physically and verbally assaulted him on several occasions, until they decided to separate.

What happened to the life of Linda Hamilton, the actress who gave life to Sarah Connor in the Terminator saga
Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

During Terminators 2 (1991) fell in love with James Cameron. The director was married to his colleague Kathryn Bigelow, I know who broke up to continue his romance with Linda. From the beginning they lived a turbulent relationship, with several twists and turns. Nevertheless, they decided to be parents. In 1993 he was born josephine. The romance would culminate in 1997 when Cameron created the successful titanica and he was unfaithful with the actress Suzy Amis. It was one of the millionaire divorces in history. They went to trial and at the time of distributing assets, Hamilton was awarded the sum of 50 million dollars.

From that moment she continued to be related to the small screen, also to the cinema. She did not stop working, but she entered a see-saw between successes and other projects that went unnoticed. But she never denied the bad steps. She even admitted that from time to time it was good for her to go unnoticed so as not to be in the center of the press scene and her fans, who all the time remind her of sarah connor.

What happened to the life of Linda Hamilton, the actress who gave life to Sarah Connor in the Terminator saga
Linda Hamilton and her twin sister, who died in 2020 (Photo: Instagram)

In 2019 he was part of Terminator: Hidden Fate. He reappears impersonating Connor to avenge the death of his son before the machines skinet. Despite the fact that the success was not as expected in terms of the box office, a seventh installment is being prepared, which would be released at the end of the year. Hamilton called her, but she did not want to be a part. She understands that it is time to step aside. She even participated in the last one because of the friendship that unites her with Schwarzenegger.

Despite the insistence, he decided to take another path, to carry out a similar role but without the gaze of critics. She currently shines in Resident Alienwhere he plays the general McCallister. It is a science fiction series that premiered in 2021 and the second season came out in February of this year. Of importance in the United States, there is no platform that transmits it in Latin America, so those fans of the actress who want to see it will have to look for them.

The change of course, cumming, surely had to do with the death of her twin, in August 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. She went unexpectedly, at her house, due to cardiac arrest. Her departure meant a heavy blow to him, due to the close relationship and the bond of friendship. One more in her life, from which she also tries to overcome to continue fighting in life, as well as in fiction.


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