The distinctive voice behind Peso Pluma’s corridos tumbados success

The secret behind Peso Pluma's captivating voice, his rapid ascent in the music world, and his influence on the regional Mexican music scene.

Peso Pluma has been a hit in Mexico and Latin America, leaving a precedent in the history of regional Mexican music with corridos tumbados.

Since Peso Pluma’s first song, “Relajado Voy,” was released in January 2020, his peculiar voice style left a particular stamp on his songs and caught the audience’s attention.

After a while, the artist revealed the truth of his singing style; in American Post News, we share with you all the details.

How many songs has Peso Pluma made?

¿Cuál es la voz original de Peso Pluma?
Peso Pluma, singer of corridos tumbados.

Shortly after his release, Hassan Emilio Kebande, Peso Pluma’s real name, has been a phenomenon in Mexico, leaving regional music on a high note.

With his diverse songs, at 23 years of age, he leads the global Spotify list and continues on the ultimate rise to fame; even many artists want to collaborate with him.

“Ella Baila Sola,” which he recorded alongside Eslabón Perdido, is Peso Pluma’s most listened-to song and led him to his success today.

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To everyone’s surprise, his voice is not to the singer’s own liking since he does not reach very high notes to sing higher melodies like other artists.

“My voice has never liked me, never, but it is different because we bring another style,” said Peso Pluma.

He even compared himself to Valentín Elizalde and Chalino Sánchez, who did not have such a good voice but were very famous.

How much does Peso Pluma charge to come to your party?

¿Cuál es la voz original de Peso Pluma?
Peso Pluma in concert.

Due to the singer’s great success, this question is frequently asked because they want him at their parties. In a TikTok video he answered the unknown:

“I charge per private presentation in Mexico between MXN 1.2 million and 2 million pesos,” Peso Pluma explained, which is between 66,000 and 110,000 USD.