“The divine Gluttony”, the new Netflix series that you have to see

January 19 2022 premiered the netflix seriesthe divine gluttony”, but do you know what it is about and why if you are a food lover you should not miss it? Here we tell you!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal that, if you liked the “Taco Chronicles” series, you are going to love this new one, so get ready!

Previously we told you about the 5 BEST movies on this streaming platform; however, now we will tell you which is the series that you cannot miss.

Trailer for Netflix’s “Divine Gluttony”

In this presentation of the series things are more than clear, it addresses everything about the most exuberant dishes of Mexican food, desserts, snacks and everything you can think of, this includes half-meter hot dogs and 15-tier hamburgers, even manteconchas, just everything you can imagine about food!

This series is a documentary type and you can already see it on the streaming platform, it was created by Laura Woldenberg, Nacho Gil and Juan Márquez, you will not regret watching it.

“The Divine Gluttony” How many chapters does it have?

Mexican dish. Photo: alertgeekchile.cl

Six chapters, that makes it a short series, but “the good part is little”, and the episodes are the following:

  1. micheladas
  2. prepared chips
  3. sinful desserts
  4. plates per kilo
  5. shells
  6. wild cakes

This series makes it clear that Mexicans have a gift for innovating in everything they can, especially when it comes to food, and it is that all these creations were born only from the desire to eat well, better and more, without a doubt, something that the born in Mexico we know very well.

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