The “Donkey” Van Rankin starred in a live fight with Paul Stanley

The Donkey Van Rankin got into a conflict with Paul Stanley during the most recent broadcast of the show. members on air.

It all started when the drivers carried on the conversation in a normal way, until the moment in which the actor Omar Iron He recalled his early moments against the media, in which he celebrated 40 years of career. The actor stressed that his career began in the famous program Cachún cachún ra ra! from Televisa.

El Fierro revealed that he is 58 years old, as is George Donkey vanrankin, because when confirming that both are the same age, Paul Stanley reacted to the conversation and made a little joke at this.

“What the fuck * you look, eh, Donkey”, to which Jorge immediately replied “You pendej * you look my age and you are 40 less”.

After these comments, the protagonist of Love in silence, joked and compared the driver to a animal, “This looks like a dog, you pull the leash.” In order to continue to liven up the atmosphere in the program, which was achieved, they continued with the talk.

Photos: ESPN Capture // [email protected]

George the Donkey Van Rankin, has been involved in various controversies, one of them was with the sports journalist in ESPN, David Fatelsonwho spoke of the possible candidates who could be chosen for the technical direction of the America clubas such a team has experienced one of the worst performances in the history of short tournaments.

Therefore, the driver, being a faithful follower of the set cream bluewas considered a good proposal for Technical Director, however, the journalist shared his perspective through his official Twitter account. Twitterfor what he called whipper-snapper to the alleged coaches proposed for the position he held Santiago Solari.

“The name of each whipper is proposed as a candidate for coach of America that makes me think that it is a desperate club and in last place,” he posted.

As on other occasions, Faitelson’s opinion quickly obtained a response, not only from users of the social network, but also from Van Rankin himself, in the quote Say the names, or are you #lordmello? It’s easy to talk isn’t it?

(Photo: Twitter/@burrovan)

To which the sports panelist evaded the conflict and preferred to calm the Donkey in the same social networkwhere he expressed support for the crisis that the Club is experiencing, however he defended himself against the insults.

“What need to offend someone? I’m with you @BurroVan in these difficult times. What’s more, I’m sorry to attack you dear #lordcolero ”, added the commenter.

However, the protagonist of 40 and 20 has shown that not everything has been negative, because a couple of months ago with the appearance of the former host of the forums of Aztec TV Carmen Munoz on the morning show TodayJorge sent some compliments to the actress, who took it with pleasure and appreciated the detail.

Donkey Van Rankin and Carmen Muñoz - 06-01-22
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After commenting on the benefits that vaccination brings, Van Rankin interrupted her and said: “With all due respect, what beautiful eyes you have”, to which Carmen replied: “Thank you very much, I am from Jalisco Like Gali, we are countrywomen from The Heights of Jalisco”.

“I’m from Lakes of Moreno, Jalisco”, added the driver, to which the Donkey He replied “Oh, beautiful. From Moreno Lakes They are the most beautiful women, they say, and The Heights of Jalisco”. To finish off with the comment, Galilea Montijo said: “Forgive us, that’s how we are over there.”


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