The Duchess of Sussex works undercover as a volunteer in Uvalde

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle.

Photo: Andrew Milligan/Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex paid an unplanned visit to the memorial on Thursday. that has been created a few meters from the Texas school where last Tuesday an 18-year-old boy killed 21 people, 19 students and two teachers. Meghan was accompanied only by the head of her security detail and tried to go unnoticed in casual clothes and a cap.

Nor did he speak to any of those present, but he did place a bouquet of flowers in front of one of the crosses adorned with a blue heart that have been installed in memory of each of the victims. As it has come to light now, the wife of the prince Harry also went that same day to a community center to help distribute food to people who came to donate blood.

Although she was chatting with other volunteers, hardly anyone recognized her and they took her for another neighbor in the area: “I had no idea it was her. She was talking to me as if we had known each other for years. We talked about the situation and what had happened“, A woman named Gloria has assured in statements to the BuzzFeed News portal.

Meghan entered through the back door so as not to create a stir around her, and she did not show up empty-handed. The Duchess had prepared two boxes of food and drink for the donors and was arranging bottles of water in ice cubes and preparing the food trays.

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