The easiest steps for you to show off

(Updated: 04/22/2021)

  • Tango is a couple dance that has its origin in the fusion of Afro-Latin, gaucho and European dances and rhythms.
  • Tango is a dance that transmits emotions at all times for what is considered a body language.
  • Learn the basic steps to be able to dance tango.

Tango is a couple dance that has its origin in the fusion of Afro-Latin, gaucho and European dances and rhythms. The tango is mainly characterized by the close embrace between the couple, the walk, the cut and the ravine, the latter two being part of the improvisation. Dancing tango is transmitting emotions at all times so it becomes a body language, for this reason it is said that tango is danced “listening to the body of the other”. If you want to learn to dance tango, we share the simplest steps to show you off:

1. First step: The hug

To start dancing tango, you should start with the hug, which should be light but firm and with a touch of sensuality. If you are a man, place your right arm around your partner’s waist and your left hand raised. If you are a woman, place your right hand on your partner’s left arm and with your left hand go around his neck and place your hand in the center.

2. Second step: Maintain the posture correctly

To dance the tango properly, you must take great care of your posture. So keep your head up, your back straight, your body firm and your chest lifted. Don’t forget to show a lot of confidence, which is the vital attitude for this dance. This will also make you look more elegant when moving on the dance floor with your partner.


3. Third step: Practice individually

Once you are clear about the posture to maintain, practice individually. Remember that the steps should be: slow, slow, fast, fast, slow. Don’t lose heart if you don’t make it on the first try, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The trick is to practice. If you are the person who will guide the dance, you must perform these 5 steps:

  1. Advance with the left foot
  2. Advance with the right foot
  3. Advance with the left foot
  4. Move to the right with the right foot
  5. Put the feet together, moving the right to join it with the left.

4. Step Four: Hike and Turns

Once you have learned the first steps of tango, you can be doing what is called “the walk”. Once mastered, add a couple of twists or turns. After taking the first two steps, you can twist your torso back and forth when doing the next step. To take a turn, the lead person must make a 180 degree turn towards his partner while taking the first quick step. The person who follows must follow the steps between the feet of the leader.

5. Find the balance

As we mentioned earlier, both is emotion and body language. Therefore, there must be trust between the couple. If you are the next person, feel the weight of your partner. Feel where you are going. Balance with your partner and let yourself be carried away to the rhythm of the music. Remember that the main thing is that you have a good time and have fun! Don’t be discouraged and keep practicing.

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