The educational roots of Nicki Nicole’s rise in Latin American rap

The Argentinian has a strong presence in the rap scene and has collaborated with important producers such as Bizarrap

Nicole Denise Cucco, widely recognized by her stage name Nicki Nicole, is influential in the Latin American rap scene. Born on August 25, 2000, in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, Nicole’s inclination towards music was evident from a young age.

Her educational journey at Complejo Educativo N° 394 “Dr. Francisco de Gurruchaga” in Rosario played a pivotal role in shaping her future. Here, she completed her high school education, lasting six years, with a focus on artistic subjects.

The Formative Years: Music and Education

During her schooling years, Nicole’s fascination with music, especially rap, became increasingly apparent. She frequently attended freestyle battles, showcasing her passion, although she maintained a spectator’s role due to her shyness. Her former teachers and classmates recall her keen interest in music-focused subjects.

This educational phase not only honed her artistic skills but also instilled in her the importance of pursuing dreams and achieving goals.

Nicki Nicole es de Rosario, Santa Fe, en Argentina  (prensa Nicki Nicole)
Nicki Nicole is from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina (press Nicki Nicole).

Nicole credits her school years for imparting valuable life lessons and values, which later fueled her ambition and drive in the music industry. These foundational years also helped her develop communicative skills, essential for her later public life, especially since she was naturally reserved and introspective.

From School to Stage: A Star is Born

Nicole’s transition from a high school graduate to a celebrated rapper is a testament to her talent and the solid grounding she received in her formative years. Her collaboration with renowned music producer Bizarrap and international artists like Shakira highlights her ascent in the music world.

Nicki Nicole estudió en el Complejo Educativo N° 394 “Dr. Francisco de Gurruchaga”  Foto:
Nicki Nicole studied at Complejo Educativo N° 394 “Dr. Francisco de Gurruchaga” Photo: Archive

The Spotlight on Nicole’s Personal Life

The romantic involvement between Nicki Nicole and Mexican rapper Peso Pluma became a subject of intense speculation before its confirmation. The two artists first grew close during a collaborative project. Amidst rumors, Nicole addressed the speculation in an interview, saying, “We are good friends, we are getting to know each other. Friends hold hands (…) Imagine if you go out with a dog every day. Nobody will ask you why I go out with a dog every day. It is normal. I’m not saying you are a dog, Hassan. It’s like everyone sees you every day with the same bag. That’s what I’m saying.”

These remarks led to a backlash from Peso Pluma’s fans, compelling him to address the issue on social media. Hassan Kabande wrote, “I just want to tell people to live and let live; in the end, there will always be opinions and misinterpret things. Like you, we are human beings, and it is difficult to express ourselves with something so private.”

La argentina y el mexicano se conocieron mejor cuando colaboraron juntos en una canción  (Archivo)
The Argentinean and the Mexican got to know each other better when they collaborated together in a song (Archive).

A Relationship Confirmed Amidst Music and Fame

The couple finally put rumors to rest by confirming their relationship with a kiss at a concert in Mexico City’s Pepsi Center. This moment, during their performance of “Por las noches,” was met with wide acclaim on social media, propelling their names to the top of Twitter trends.

Nicole’s journey from a high school student passionate about music to a rap sensation collaborating with top artists exemplifies the power of education and personal drive to succeed. Her story continues to inspire many young aspiring artists.