The ex of Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, remembered when she left Cuba at 18 years old and with very little money in her pocket

Ben Affleck's ex, Ana de Armas, recalled when she left Cuba at the age of 18 and with very little money in her pocket.

Ben Affleck’s ex, Ana de Armas, recalled when she left Cuba at the age of 18 and with very little money in her pocket.

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Ana de Armas, who was Ben Affleck‘s girlfriend, until not so long ago, he has become in his own right one of the most demanded faces of Hollywood, as evidenced by his participation in such acclaimed films as Blade Runner: 2049 and Daggers from the back, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. As if that weren’t enough, now the Cuban artist is giving interviews all over the world on account of her signing for “No time to die”, Daniel Craig’s latest film in the role of James Bond. Now he remembers the hard times he lived when he left Cuba when he was just 18 years old and with almost no money in his pocket.

In his conversation with the British newspaper The Sun, Ana de Armas He wanted to remember his childhood in Cuba to see that he had very few opportunities on the island to succeed in the world of acting. Therefore, young Ana, At just 18 years old, he took his Spanish passport and left the Caribbean country in the direction of Europe: a spontaneous gesture full of uncertainty that, eventually, would change his life. Shortly after settling in Spain, a casting director noticed her and ended up granting her her unforgettable role in the series The intership, which catapulted her straight to fame.

I pissed him off and he also had a Spanish passport. When I was 18 and I graduated from high school, the idea suddenly popped into my head. I wanted to go to Spain and try my luck, do auditions and see what happened. So I bought a plane ticket and told my mother: When I run out of money I will come back. The truth is that I was very lucky: I met a great casting director a week after arriving. He signed me for one of the most important series ever made in Spain and I never returned ”, he recalled with emotion. Ana de Armas in your interview.

The famous 33-year-old actress has confessed that she does not know exactly when she began to be aware of her artistic vocation, since in Cuba it had very few television or cinematographic references, in addition to very little money to invest in video players or in tickets for a supply of films on the big screen that did not escape the censorship of the Castro regime. Because, Ben Affleck’s ex, Ana de Armas, didn’t think so when she left her difficult origins in Cuba behind.

“What I had there, in front of my eyes, were people who did not work or had no money. On television we only had re-broadcasts of old soap operas or things of very poor quality. The truth is that I do not remember a specific day when he told me: “I’m going to be an actress.” In my house we did not have DVDs or VHS. We used to watch some movies at my neighbors’ house. If I saw a scene that I liked, whether it was of a man or a woman, then I would recreate it in front of the mirror ”, he stated Ana de Armas.

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