The famous “apple pie” would not be typical American and 6 unknown culinary facts of the “typical” American dishes

Without a doubt American culture encompasses the most wonderful facts, especially when it comes to talking about some of the typical and more traditional dishes. The truth is that we all love to know more about some peculiar curious facts about the most classic foods, for example, do you know how many wings are eaten on Super Bowl weekend? Or the reason why graham crackers were invented? Or perhaps lovers of the iconic Apple Pie will be heartbroken to learn that it is not originally from the United States. The truth is that today is a good day to entertain ourselves with emblematic stories of American gastronomy. that have undoubtedly gone around the world.

1. Apple pie is not American

This is probably one of the most shocking news for many, and it is that apple pie, the traditional and beloved Apple Pie, is one of the most popular dishes for our culture. There is even the famous phrase that says: “As American as apple pie”However, apple pie is not really American. Apple varieties were brought to the country from Asia by settlers and cultivated in the 19th century. Based on this, there is data that confirms that Apple-containing cakes were first baked in England as early as 1381.

Apple pie. / Photo: Unsplash

2. Americans eat over a billion buffalo wings on Super Bowl weekend.

We all know that one of the most important sporting events in the United States and the world is the celebration of the Super Bowl, which is characterized by a series of traditional dishes with which the show is enjoyed. And without a doubt, buffalo wings are simply one of the most classic and sold; always delicious topped with hot sauce and served with celery and blue cheese sauce. Well, believe it or not, on Super Bowl Sunday, the country consumes a whopping 1,400 million wings, which is the equivalent of more than four pieces per person.

Buffalo wings. / Photo: Reform Agency

3. The fries are probably Belgian

Sure, it’s impossible to think of a better side to any American dish than the unbeatable and succulent French fries. However, while they are completely ingrained in American culture; they were not created in the United States. The invention of French fries is believed to have originated in Belgium, where a narrow, double-fried chip potato first appeared in writing in the early 1900s. The truth is that later the French argue that they are their creation, since they used to sell them on the streets as a dish called “Pomme Pont-Neuf” (crispy potatoes and chopped into pieces) at the end of the 18th century.

Potato chips
Potato chips. / Photo: Pixabay

4. It takes 3000 liters of water to make a hamburger

Today there are many reasons why we are invited to follow a plant-based eating style, and of course the ecological side is one of the main reasons. The truth is that when we think about saving water and the amount we use per day, it is likely that we only consider what is used to wash dishes, clothes and shower. And the reality is that everything we eat is obtained from the use of water, and there are foods that occupy much more than others: a 150 gram (5 oz) hamburger requires 3000 liters (660 gallons) of water to produce. This exorbitant amount of water is used mainly to irrigate crops and maintain the animals that produce meat.

Burgers. / Photo: Pixabay

5. Key lime pie was probably invented in New York.

The Key-Lime-Pie is one of the most loved desserts by Americans and it has certainly become a classic. The truth is that this popular sweet treat has for years been considered the national dish of Florida, although the reality is that it was invented in New York, not in Key West. Although the seaside town is known for its extra tart limes, perfect for making the dish, the first known recipe was printed in the Borden Milk Company test kitchen in New York in 1931. And it is known that it was a creation focused on selling more condensed milk.

Key lime pie
Key lime pie./ Photo: Unsplash

6. The ears of corn have an even number of rows

Is there a more iconic garnish than corn on the cob? In the United States everything is accompanied by them and they are also the basis for creating all kinds of regional delicacies, we will not discuss their origin. However, there is a rather fun fact about the ears that you probably have not noticed: ears of corn generally have an even number of rows of kernels. Undoubtedly an inexplicable curiosity of nature, the reason is that the spikelets grow in pairs. So now you know, the next time you have a corncob in hand, do not hesitate to count its rows.

Corncobs. / Photo: Shutterstock

7. You eat 350 slices of pizza per second in the US.

Probably one of the most universal dishes is pizza, although we all know that it is the national emblem of Italy; the reality is that it is America’s favorite food. In fact, there are surveys in which it is preferred over a cut of meat, tacos, pastas and hamburgers. A wonderful fact? And certainly shocking: approximately 350 slices per second are eaten in the country.

Pizza. / Photo: Pexels

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