The famous illusionist suffered from COVID-19

  • A famous TV wizard died of the Coronavirus
  • He had refused to receive the vaccine for his wife who was worried
  • “It is a game of Russian roulette. You get vaccinated or you risk Covid. “, He wrote from the UCI

A true tragedy! A famous television magician, passed away from COVID-19. He mentioned in his social networks that he had not received the vaccine due to the fear that his wife had towards this drug, when he was hospitalized, he experienced the terrible consequences of being in the Intensive Care Unit.

The magician had the opportunity to leave evidence of what he experienced through the disease. Tony Junior, in his social networks wrote what was happening and the consequences that the Coronavirus left in his life; sadly, the magician lost the battle against this horrible disease and passed away a couple of days ago.

Magician Tony Junior dies: He died of COVID-19

Magician Tony Junior dies: He died of COVID-19
Photo: Twitter

The Daily Mail portal confirmed the death of magician Tony Junior. The famous illusionist was in quite serious condition due to COVID-19, after refusing to receive the vaccine because his wife was “very worried” about receiving a puncture; Unfortunately, there was no major advance in his health after he was infected.

Tony Junior, who appeared on the Channel 4 reality show Seasiders, was admitted to the hospital earlier this month after contracting the virus, according to the Daily Mail. At first he was on respiratory support and monitoring saturation levels, later it was that the situation began to worsen. Filed Under: Wizard Tony Junior Dies

Magician Tony Junior dies: I talk about his case on social networks

Magician Tony Junior dies: I talk about his case on social networks
Photo: Twitter

The wizard was not intimidated by the disease, he continued to talk about magic and how important it was to him. He maintained good energy and the desire to cope with the disease; But, there was a moment when he saw the situation get worse and for that reason, he took his social networks where he began to write about the situation he was experiencing.

Tony Junior, wanted his case to remain as evidence of what could happen if you contract the disease. The man lived thinking that the consequences were not as serious as they seemed and he listened to his wife, when she was afraid that she would get the two doses of vaccine; she regrets having caused that decision in her husband. Filed Under: Wizard Tony Junior Dies

Magician Tony Junior dies: “Be aware”

Magician Tony Junior dies: "Be aware"
Photo: Facebook

Tony, a few days before he died, wrote on social networks how he felt after being admitted to the hospital. On August 15, he wrote that he hoped this post (negative, perhaps) will provide a second perspective on the vaccine issue; he commented that he hoped people were aware of the use of that drug.

“Sorry, this is a slightly negative and ninny post, but I’m saying this so that anyone who learns the vaccine is aware of the alternative from my perspective.” He wrote on his Facebook profile where he recounted every moment he lived with the disease and how bad he felt about it. Filed Under: Wizard Tony Junior Dies

Magician Tony Junior dies: “Everything was fine”

Magician Tony Junior dies: "Everything was going well"
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In the next part of the writing, he begins to narrate that everything was going well in the COVID intensive care ward. He was starting to get ahead and there was even a time where he was allowed to talk to more friends virtually, who hadn’t believed he would get better and the magician showed he could get ahead, until something changed.

“Everything was going as well as it could in the critical care COVID ward, sweep away the strange explosion. I even spoke with some friends who could not believe my improvement. Filed Under: Wizard Tony Junior Dies

Magician Tony Junior dies: “Things got worse”

Magician Tony Junior dies: "Things got worse"
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Everything was going well for the magician, he even had access to his own room. But, from one day to the next, everything changed and began to get worse rapidly. His oxygenation levels dropped stratospherically, fatigue returned to rise, and body aches made every movement feel like a ‘beating’.

“So late Thursday, I moved into my own room in a normal COVID ward and this is where things quickly went downhill.” Tony mentioned in his writing hinting that from one moment to the next, things they got worse for him. This is the disease, in a few moments they are fine and in the next, everything gets worse. Filed Under: Wizard Tony Junior Dies

“The worst hours of my life”

"The worst hours of my life"
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Tony Junior, recounted through Facebook what he considers the worst hours of his life. The man commented that one of the causes of the disease was to cause small pains on the body, as if you were getting a beating that does not stop and that type of sensations lasted for hours, which took away the desire to sleep, eat or move.

“COVID sent the little ninja terrorists to give my body a proper beating. I had the worst 36 hours of my life without sleeping in 48 hours. ”, Confessed the magician, making clear the situation that he lived with the disease and how little by little his state of health began to worsen without any contemplation.

“A nurse made a mistake”

"A nurse made a mistake"
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Among the symptoms that happened, the man recounted how a nurse’s aide had made him feel worse. He relates that the young woman did not know how to review things correctly and what caused her to feel intense pain that nothing could remove; They even had to supply him with broad spectrum drugs and the pain did not subside.

“Chronic fatigue of another level, extreme shortness of breath and cough. On top of this, an older nurse’s aide made the mistake of not checking things correctly, he gave me 90 minutes of intense pain, even with drugs. .

“A great fatigue”

"A great fatigue"
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He mentions that his symptoms were acute cough, chronic fatigue and of course, not being able to breathe properly. Tony even goes so far as to give examples of the fatigue he experiences and even mentions that a simple movement like going from his chair to bed leaves him breathless for up to 90 minutes.

“But, I have endured. Breathing is a bit more controllable, but I still have severe chronic fatigue and a cough. Just to give an example of fatigue, moving two steps from the chair to the bed left me breathless and devastated for over 90 minutes. That is how bad fatigue is. ”Tony confessed on Facebook, receiving the support of his friends.

“I don’t want sympathy”

"I don
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Tony Junior, from the beginning, was sincere about what could happen to other people who refuse the vaccine. But, in the following lines, he expresses that he is not looking for the sympathy of the people, only informing what could happen if they choose not to be vaccinated and risk contagion.

“I don’t want sympathy, just positivity because i will finally win this war. I’m just writing this because anyone interested in the vaccine needs to know what their alternative might be (if they don’t take it). Everyone who is squeamish has a story. I’m not preaching, I’m just letting you know my experiences. ”He mentioned days before he passed away.

“It is a game of Russian roulette”

"It is a game of Russian roulette"
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Tony Junior, confessed that it was because of his wife who had not been vaccinated. He, in the area he was in, observed that most people were without the ‘puncture’ and that when his wife found out about the situation, she had not stopped blaming herself for what was happening and there was no one to change her mind.

“It is a game of Russian Roulette. You take the vaccine or you risk COVID. In the critical care room, none of us had the “puncture.” I hadn’t had it because Ms. J was super terrified so I was waiting for it to be ready. She now blames herself every night since I entered the hospital despite my attempts to calm her down.

“Those who had the full dose did not suffer major complications”

"Those who had the full dose did not suffer major complications"
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In his account, the man confessed that most of the people who had been able to go home were those who were vaccinated. Tony mentioned that, although they were older adults, they had received both ‘stitches’ and their symptoms were not as intense as those who had not been vaccinated; This story shows how both doses can make a difference.

“In the COVID room, many are senior citizens who have had two punctures and all those who have returned home since my arrival – they had both punctures. Last night I got to sleep for 4 hours and then the COVID cough kept me “active”. I feel like I have made a little progress. I’m still eating and drinking well and still on low oxygen support. ”Was the last the magician wrote.

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