The fierce rivalry escalates as singer Peso Pluma mocks Chivas after loss to Tigres

Peso Pluma's controversial reactions and personal ties to the Chivas-Atlas rivalry amid recent final match fallout.

Fans of América and Atlas (archrivals of Chivas) and other teams, who are anti-Chivas at heart, could not contain themselves. After the Final match between Chivas and Tigres ended, they began to mock the team from Guadalajara, and among the most prominent was the singer Peso Pluma.

The famous interpreter of corridos tumbados and loyal follower of the red-and-black Atlas team, immediately upon seeing that Chivas lost the final after a 2-3 comeback against Tigres, proceeded to mock and lashed out firmly against the Rebaño Sagrado.

“Pinch# team, all stupid##,” was the comment that caused various reactions on social networks. Some supported Doble P, while others, like Chivas fans, said that from that moment on, they would stop being his fans.

Jj macías responded

El famoso intérprete no se contuvo y se burló del club rojiblanco. (Twitter @ElPesoPluma)
The famous performer did not hold back and mocked the red and white club (Twitter @ElPesoPluma).

Tapatío striker Juan José Macías, who is injured, took up the singer’s meme with a photo of him as a child, wearing the red and white team uniform.

“Calm down, Pa. We’ll be back!” he commented in the publication; however, the soccer player deleted the comment minutes later.

Others called him a hypocrite because a few months ago, the singer of “Ella baila Sola” declared he was in the Fuerzas Básicas of Guadalajara and even played alongside Juan José Macías.

During an interview with Jesús Angulo for his podcast, he talked about that time and acknowledged that he lived with the former national team player.


“My dream was always to be a soccer player, and we fell here by fate. When I was in high school, I didn’t give it that way, ” he said when asked if he always dedicated himself to music.

He said that he was in the fields of Verde Valle, so he invited Angulo to interview Macías about that anecdote so that he could give faith and veracity of what he said.

“There is Verde Valle, and I trained with José Juan. Ask him. He played as a right midfielder, he was a runner, but I didn’t go to training, and you know what that’s like,” he pointed out.

Peso Pluma le va al Atlas (Twitter/ @ElPesoPluma)
Peso Pluma goes to Atlas (Twitter/ @ElPesoPluma)

He made his passion for Atlas known during the fight between Saúl Canelo Álvarez and John Ryder at the Akron Stadium after being a guest of honor on TUDN broadcasts.

The famous soloist confessed that he is a loyal follower of the Zorros del Atlas and has even sometimes shared messages with Julián Quiñones, goal scorer of the red and black team.

“Pure good people support Atlas,” he wrote when he compared two photographs. In one, the super middleweight champion was seen with the Atlas jersey when the championship was lived. In the other image was also Peso Pluma with the same jersey.

Which celebrities supported Chivas and Tigres?

This Sunday’s match was one of the most eagerly awaited for Mexican football fans, and of course, celebrities could not miss it, posting photos and videos on their social networks supporting both teams.

On behalf of Chivas, José Ron dressed all his dogs in the Chivas jersey, and also, a day after the first leg, he recorded a video with singer Lucero. In the recording, she also wore the team’s jersey and sang Guadalajara, as she was fulfilling a bet and is an Americanista.

El actor José Ron demostró ser un gran aficionado de Las Chivas del Guadalajara. (Ig: @joseron3)
Actor José Ron was a big fan of Las Chivas del Guadalajara (Ig: @joseron3).

While on the Tigres side, Arturo Carmona, as well as Rob Schneider, a famous Hollywood actor, and loyal Tigres fan, wished the best of luck to the feline team, who ultimately came out with the victory. “We’re going to win 3-2. Let’s go for the eighth, go for those Chivas, go for it,” said Scheider.