The “flaw” in the iPhone 13 that you may not notice

If you have in your hands an iPhone 13, maybe you haven’t noticed a small “detail” of this phone that makes it different from other Apple smartphones and that has generated that many are criticizing the company for this omission.

It turns out that a Reddit user identified as u / throwawayowl999 posted on that platform on December 23 that he found that all iPhone 13 models came without a front microphone, which is used to eliminate noise during calls.

According to these previous people, previous versions of the iPhone did have this element and that it helped the interlocutor to hear the other person clearly while having a conversation in a noisy place or on digital platforms.

“How can Apple eliminate such a basic feature from a $ 2,000 phone in 2021?”, The text reads, which ensures that speaking with your iPhone 13 Pro Max all kinds of sounds are heard that do not allow fluid communication. “It feels like the old days of Alcatel,” he added.

He also explained that, at first, you thought your device was faulty, but then you went to a store and found out that it is not, fact that surprised him.

“How come iPhone 13 users don’t notice that their calls sound like garbage? Well I guess I also blamed my provider at first because I couldn’t believe it, ”noted the Reddit user.

Finally, the author of the publication indicated that he has contacted the customer service of Apple, which has confirmed that the engineers of the American company are working on it and that they would have a solution to this problem in the next few weeks.

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