The forbidden relationship with Chespirito, his broken love with Quico and the anger of the entire cast: Florinda Meza, the most controversial of Chavo del 8

La Chilindrina (María Antonieta de las Nieves) and La Popis (Florinda Meza) lead the march, behind, Godínez (Horacio Gómez Bolaños) and El Chavo del 8 (Chespirito), in a scene from the series (Photo: Special)

Acting may be a game played very seriously. And as such, it will have its own rules, concerns and searches, allowing itself to change the classic question that we were asked in childhood to then investigate, when we are already several years old: “What do you want to be when you’re… a boy?”. That answer could define an adult in all its essence.

Then, imagining children againthere will be those who identify with The Chavo of 8 or with quico (they couldn’t be more different!). Others might prefer to be the gnonomaybe a Godinez. And many will be reflected in The chilindrina.

But in that pretty neighborhood, florinda it would be his lot to play the popisan eight-year-old girl who -always with her doll florence in her arms – was pure goodness and innocence. Those noble qualities made her a victim of the misdeeds of the daughter of Mr Ramon: through malicious but precarious deception, The chilindrina he managed to keep his candy and popsicles, if not, directly with his money.

But nevertheless, the real childhood of Florinda Meza herself was very different from the one she would develop with her character in The Chavo of 8. The actress who in the remembered program of Roberto Gomez Bolanos became famous as Mrs. Florinda (the mother of quico and aunt of the popis), lost her innocence too soon in her childhood, pushed by the decisions of the elders -who often do not notice children-, and also by tragedy. And that would mark her forever.

Doña Florinda, the character that made Florinda Meza popular throughout Latin America

He was born on February 8, 1949 in Juchipala, a town in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. Florinda Meza Garcia de Gomez -such her full name- was very young when her parents separated. she stayed in the care of their grandparents, who offered to take care of his upbringing. And thanks to them she had his first encounters with art, culture and even politics. Those long talks, which took place when television was just taking its first steps in Mexico, aroused precocious interests in that restless little girl.

It was then that Florinda would encounter pain, when her grandparents died. And also with her desolation, having to go through adolescence without close affections to contain her, to love her, to take care of her. Her helplessness accelerated her maturity and that young woman hardened a personality that -as in a breath- just allowed tenderness in the endearing characters that she would play later on television sets.

Pushed by those unfavorable circumstances, Meza started working as a teenager. Trying out different jobs, she became a secretary, a commercial model and even an announcer, replacing Marie Antoinette of the Snows (Yes, The chilindrina) as the voice of the Independent Television of Mexico signal.

That premature interest in art -the valuable legacy of his grandparents- completed the registration form in the National Association of Actors. and seeing her She was discovered on stage by a certain Chespirito. Captivated by her talent and trapped by her beautyGómez Bolaños invited her to join The Super Geniuses of the Square Tablea 1969 program that turned out to be the prelude to The Chavo of 8with a cast that included, among others, the virtuoso Ramon Valdeswho would then be the lovable Mr Ramon from the neighborhood.

The love relationship between Doña Florinda and her son Quico did not correspond to what the actors had in real life: the splinters of a broken love hurt Florinda Meza and Carlos Villagrán for years
The love relationship between Doña Florinda and her son Quico did not correspond to what the actors had in real life: the splinters of a broken love hurt Florinda Meza and Carlos Villagrán for years

From the hand of Chespirito, Florinda achieved popularity and recognition. Like all her companions, she played different characters in the cycle (those mentioned Mrs. Florinda Y the popisbut also to Chimoltrufia) and was part of the movies The chanfle (I and II) and The charrito. In addition, he expanded his creative gifts by becoming a screenwriter (he did it with very successful novels, such as The owner). And always with the support of the creator of The Chapulin Coloradoended up becoming the producer of the The Chavo of 8.

Although today – more than four decades later – no one can say for sure, due to this circumstance, Florinda Meza’s conflicts with the other actors in the series would have begun. They were the same ones who, accustomed to having her up to that moment as her partner, now did not accept receiving orders from her as the new artistic director. By case, that would have motivated the abrupt departure of Ramón Valdés.

But also, Carlos Villagran was there. long before becoming quicothe pampered and pampered child of Mrs. Florinda, Villagrán was Florinda Meza’s partner in real lifeas revealed by the actor himself only in 2011. The luster of love that united them would have been extinguished shortly after the debut of The Chavo of 8 on Channel 8, precisely, to later go to Televisa.

Carlos Villagrán and Florinda Meza, when they were together
Carlos Villagrán and Florinda Meza, when they were together

Doubts abound about what actually happened between them, even regarding the start and end dates of the relationship, since only Villagrán spoke publicly of the courtship: “I’m not going to deny it,” he declared, almost striving to put Florinda in an unfavorable position: “She was a burden to me”. Many thought they saw a hint of spite in her words, in a story more typical of those novels that Televisa also broadcast.

Villagran continued speaking. He said that the actress lost balance during the recordings of the cycle, on the eve of the love break. And he assured that, without knowing how to proceed, she asked a cast member for advice to see how he could communicate to Florinda that he did not want to continue with the love bond. Who was that person you turned to as “if you were a father”, in search of a wise word? Villagrán spoke with Chespirito, who would later become Florinda’s partner. Yes. Soap opera.

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However, another version realizes that the creator of The Chapulin Colorado He was the one who actually demanded that Villagrán end the courtship, since the chain did not look favorably on the love affairs between the companions of the successful program for the whole family. And how was it that later he himself ended up with Florinda, breaking that professional rule? Where the captain commands, the sailor does not command; or a boy in a sailor suit, Quico style…

Forgetting his memory as a gentleman, Villagrán concluded his recollections narrating that Meza had an affair with the director of the program, Enrique Segoviano. “She wanted to hit someone,” he accused, leaving the impression that her feelings towards the actress would not be fully resolved, despite the time that had elapsed.

Florinda Meza and Carlos Villagrán, in recent times;  the grudge did not stop (Photo: Univisión)
Florinda Meza and Carlos Villagrán, in recent times; the grudge did not stop (Photo: Univisión)

“I had my boyfriends, my suitors, my disappointments, because apart from the artistic medium I had marriage plans, but the problem is that everyone wanted me to stop acting. And I thought: ‘If they like me for what I am, why when they get married do they ask me to be something else, I’m not going to be what they like then,'” Florinda once told the journalist Gerardo Rozin.

Let’s go back to the 70s. Already with the controversial romance with Villagrán in the past, Meza strengthened his bond with a Gómez Bolaños who was married to Graciela Fernández, his girlfriend since he was 22, and had six children.a family made up -according to the definition of the same actress- by “seven very heavy bags”. Due to her marital status, her well-earned reputation for being unfaithful, and her employment relationship (she was her boss, of course), Florinda would have refused Chespirito’s sentimental proposals for a long time, who was also two decades older than her. .

florinda-meza-chespirito 1920
Florinda Meza and Chespirito, in their first stage as boyfriends

“If you have a marriage, you have children and your wife is pretty and good, why do you do everything you do?” Florinda used to reproach him. “I feel that my life is empty, something is missing,” Gómez Bolaños replied, who for five years tried to seduce her with poems, songs and drawings. Nothing worked for him.

Until one day, while in Santiago de Chile for a tour of the series, the actress reproached his wife for the umpteenth time when Chespirito sighed: “How I would like someone to kiss me…”. “If you want to kiss someone, why don’t you kiss me?” She received as an answer, after five years of failed attempts. From then on, Gómez Bolaños began to call her “my pretty”, and Florinda, “my Rober”. But her nicknames were not exhausted there: in the corridors of the channel she was accused of “stealing husbands” and he, of “abandoned father”.

They stole the heart: Florinda Meza (personified as La Chimoltrufia) and Chespirito (in the role of Chómpiras)
They stole the heart: Florinda Meza (personified as La Chimoltrufia) and Chespirito (in the role of Chómpiras)

“I fell like a leaf in a rough sea, I fell madly in love with that man and told him: ‘I don’t want to be just another woman in your life, I want to be the only woman, and he convinced me with his answer: ‘Look, when a glass it’s full, nothing else fits,’” Meza said years ago.

Together, they made theater and cinema. They were married in 2004, but had no children (according to the actress, by Chespirito’s decision). And they remained united until the death of the great humorist, in November 2014, It made her fall into the deepest and thickest sadness. “She just wanted to sleep and not wake up”, Florinda would come to confess, once the sentence was over. She would never form a couple again or even go out with another man: “My only and great love has been, is and always will be Roberto Gómez Bolaños”.

Today, while in Juchipala a statue honors its illustrious citizen, Florinda Meza lives in Mexico City. At 73 years old, she retains her popularity as much as her fame (well or poorly earned) as a manipulator, authoritarian and abuser. She returned to the big screen after 30 years with the movie sweet family. And not a day goes by without remembering the great love of her life, whom she cared for until her last hours.

Florinda Meza (Photo: Instagram @ florindamezach1)
Florinda Meza, in a recent image (Photo: Instagram @ florindamezach1)


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