The former Miss Universe and her pregnancy

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  • Ximena Navarrete is already 35 weeks pregnant
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Ximena Navarrete‘s pregnancy belly looks prettier than ever and full of fullness, as she uploaded a photo where she posed in profile and on the side showing her 35-week pregnant belly and that’s how she announced to her followers that there are just a few days left for the arrival of her baby after the former Miss Universe passed the loss of her first baby.

The woman from Guadalajara looks beautiful with her pregnancy belly and shows how she is enjoying this beautiful stage with her husband and together they count the days until her arrival; Ximena Navarrete has not stopped sharing details of her pregnancy process on her social networks.

Ximena Navarrete is pregnant

Photo: Mezcalent

The former Miss Universe showed her baby’s face thanks to technology with all her followers, who have been on the lookout since Ximena announced that she was waiting for her little one. Creating great empathy with his followers Navarrete feels very happy in this long-awaited process.

Now, the 33-year-old Mexican can be seen fully and very enthusiastically, thanking her followers for the great attention they give her “Thank you very much to all who have written us messages of affection, love and congratulations”, commented on his social networks.

Guadalajara shows the face of her baby

Baby face
Photo: Instagram

With the happy news that Guadalajara is pregnant, she did not wait to show her followers how she is living this wonderful stage for her and her husband Juan Carlos Valladares through their social networks through photographs and stories. Ximena shared an emotional message in one of her stories about rainbow babies which reads:

“Rainbow babies are those born after the loss of a previous child has been experienced, either through gestational or perinatal death. This beautiful name is inspired by the image seen in the sky when the sun rises after the rain. It alludes to the fact that after living the mourning of the loss of a child, this new baby comes to illuminate the lives of those who wait for him with so much love ”.

Ximena makes a post on Instagram where she remembers the loss of her first baby

Ximena Navarrete's baby
Photo: Instagram

Let us remember that in August 2018 Ximena and Juan Carlos suffered the loss of their first baby after 15 weeks of gestation, which was one of the saddest and hardest news because the life of such a small being that was expected with much love of the marriage was not achieved.

Ximena shared some words that touched the hearts of her followers regarding her great and strong loss, “It was the most loved and desired by us”, as he wrote at the time. The Miss Universe received great support from Internet users during the mourning process.

Becoming a mom again after your first loss

Baby Ximena Navarrete
Photo: Instagram

Unfortunately during that hard chapter of his life, the marriage of Ximena and Juan Carlos almost ended because in June 2020 they were nowhere to be divorced because they did not overcome the loss of their baby. However, the couple now enjoy the arrival of their ‘new light’ excited and anxious they count the remaining days.

There is no doubt that life always puts very difficult tests, but the best always comes after going through the great tests, and this is one of many examples that prove it. Ximena’s enormous happiness can be appreciated when she is waiting for her baby after losing the first one.

Gender reveal!

Gender reveal
Photo: Instagram

The model shared some photos of her baby’s gender reveal party, although she has not yet shared the news revealing what her baby will be, she wrote: “boy or girl? Whatever comes into our lives we are more than grateful for this blessing #BabyValladaresNavarrete ”.

This caused her to receive thousands of messages from her followers and friends who began to say that they would like her to be a girl in order to have another Miss Universe, while others commented that they believe it will be a boy, although she sure that with her arrival it will be more than happy.

How does the former Miss Universe feel?

Ximena Navarrete
Photo: Instagram

Ximena Navarrete showed that she is very happy and proud that it has obviously brought physical changes in her but also undoubtedly fill her heart with great happiness. “35 weeks pregnant. With several more kilos, bloated, disheveled, not sleeping well, gasping for air, exhausted, but feeling happier and more beautiful than ever ”she expressed.

At the time of uploading that post, the followers immediately filled the photograph that the model shared through her Instagram account with red hearts. So far the publication has already exceeded 181,000 likes and endless comments full of good wishes.

Ximena Navarrete in her next stage of motherhood

Pregnant belly Ximena Navarrete
Photo: Instagram

The model and actress is preparing to live her next stage as a mother to the fullest, the same one that she has waited with great desire and about which she has spoken on many occasions, completely willing to give herself fully to this beautiful and long-awaited facet.

Over the weeks, the presenter has also given details of how things are going in her pregnancy, at the same time she announced that the baby she is expecting will be a girl. Which many of his followers and friends were waiting to know.

How is Ximena Navarrete’s pregnancy belly going?

Ximena Navarrete
Photo: Instagram

The renowned former Miss Universe released details of how she felt during her pregnancy, “My pregnancy is fine, I am fine, I am calm, I do not have a high-risk pregnancy, or anything like that, so I have been doing my normal life, I am active, I walk. Very happy”he mentioned in a talk.

During the online chat she had with Aldonza Velez, an expert in infertility, a space in which she commented on how exciting it has been for her to witness each change in her body, she shared that she has felt the most emotional in recent days, because it is already missing little for birth.

Former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete expresses her feelings in her spiritual Baby Shower

Baby shower
Photo: Instagram

Navarrete spoke with a couple of specialists about the process she went through to get pregnant, after undergoing an in vitro procedure, which was favorable for her, all this she shared in a spiritual Baby Shower that she shared with her friends.

“I will never forget the feeling of being in the middle of that process, of looking for a baby and mourning previous losses”, commented on an Instagram live with fertility experts, Monica Reyes and Sandra Boyser. Filed Under: Ximena Navarrete pregnancy belly. Some images of this note come from the following video.

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