The future father of his son surprised with publication

  • Lyn May’s partner would ask for a DNA test for the baby they are expecting
  • The singer surprised with a publication where he shows his emotion for the arrival of the baby
  • “So anxious about this whole situation. Boy or girl I am happy “

Lyn May couple DNA test. The news about the pregnancy of the famous Mexican star Lyn May at 68 years of age, has surprised everyone on social networks, being a topic that has been on everyone’s lips. It should be remembered that even the actress also announced that she was three months pregnant, but not everything has been happiness, since her partner shared the unexpected.

It was through his Instagram account where the singer Markos D1 shared an image that shocked the followers, since he apparently distrusted his paternity. In the image, he was quite excited about the birth of the little one who is waiting with Lyn May.

Lyn May’s partner surprises with publication

Lyn May couple DNA test

It was a few days ago when the Mexican star Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, artistically known as Lyn May, surprised everyone by reporting that she was pregnant at 68 years old, and despite the fact that much is said that it may be a joke on the part of the actress , several followers are ‘worried’ about her.

Since the Mexican announced that she would be a mother, things had been complicated with her partner, who by the way is 30 years younger than her. The singer Markos D1 generated concern in their relationship, supposedly he did not answer the messages to the star, so rumors of a possible break began.

Lyn May couple DNA test: Will you ask for DNA test?

Lyn May couple DNA test: Will you ask for DNA test?

The publication made by the singer on his social network profile left all Internet users very intrigued, although he was excited to know if his baby will be a man or a woman in his hashtags, he doubted that he would ask for a DNA test. Could it be that he doubts his paternity?

“On Sunday I will be arriving in Mexico to find out what it is. So anxious about this whole situation. It feels like a TV show. Boy or girl I’m happy, “he wrote in his post. Then he used the hashtags #daddyorNot (Dad or not) #babydaddy #lynmay # MarkosD1 #DnaTest (DNA test in English).

Lyn May couple DNA test: Deleted the post

Lyn May couple DNA test: Deleted the post

Immediately Internet users began to question the musical artist, asking him about his alleged doubt of paternity or asking for explanations of why he placed that hashtag. Apparently it was not to the liking of Lyn May’s partner. Probably the questioning made him delete the post.

“Sow doubts … ..if at that age it is impossible to get pregnant”, “Well if with so many that the baby has had a little of each one”, “CHow many has he gotten himself into? He already doubts if it is from him ”,“ but what evidence, if she is like this from so many surgeries ”,“ But if the lady already said it was a lie, it was only to give her what to talk about. the people ”, were some of the comments in the publication of the Suelta la Sopa account.

Couple Lyn May DNA test: The Mexican starlet worries when she falls to the ground

Couple Lyn May DNA test: The Mexican starlet worries when she falls to the ground

Through the Instagram account of Venga la Alegría, a recording was shared where Lyn May is shown wearing a transparent dress and showing off her belly, making her great flexibility with her legs when throwing herself to the ground and doing some maneuvers in the middle of the show.

These movements generated great concern among Internet users, as some commented that she should not have done that because of her pregnancy and that she could lose her baby: “What do you think of @lyn_may_’s great ability to do splits?” post of the Mexican.

Lyn May couple DNA test: “The baby will come out”

Lyn May couple DNA test: "The baby is going to come out"

“The kid is going to come out”, “Madam the baby “,” That woman. Isn’t she supposed to be pregnant? ”,“ The baby is going to come out ”,“ she doesn’t know how to do anything other than spread her legs and another lady the baby ”,“ The baby is going to come out ”, that’s how they showed Internet users worried about the baby they are expecting.

There were even those who criticized her for making those movements: “That and attracting attention is the only thing that elderly lady knows how to do”, “It’s the only thing she knows how to do and be foul-mouthed “,” That lady makes me desperate … get her out of there “,” With all due respect, how much vulgarity! ” TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Show your flexibility

Show your flexibility
VIDEO: Instagram

Previously, the Mexican actress and vedette Lyn May also worried everyone on social networks by showing her incredible flexibility, while doing an impressive split and followers of the program Tell me what you know, They claim that the baby will come out if you keep doing that kind of thing.

It was through the account of the program Tell me what you know where the film actress appeared lying on the floor with her legs completely apart, at the bottom of this short clip, the account wrote: “Lyn May shocks more than one by showing how flexible she is still at 68 years of age. age”.

They tell him that the baby will be thrown out

They tell him that the baby will be thrown out
PHOTO: Instagram

In the video, which was published on August 12, Lyn May was seen lying on the floor while doing an incredible split, verifying that she still has the physical skills that characterized her in her youth, demonstrating it in various productions cinematographic films, as well as her work as a star.

After this small clip, which already exceeds more than a million reproductions just days after being shared, many followers of the program began to arrive, where some of them were concerned, arguing that the ‘baby would come out and that I better stop doing that. Filed Under: Lyn May Couple DNA Testing

Will the baby come out?

Will the baby come out?
PHOTO: Screenshot Drop the soup

Various users began to arrive, where the millions of followers of the program Tell me what you know They were quite surprised by Lyn May’s flexibility, while others were ‘concerned’ about her supposed pregnancy, even commenting that the baby was going to come out.

Such was the case of the same host of the program Tell me what you know Alex Rodríguez, who commented the following: “The baby is going to shoot out,” causing several followers to start arguing the same as the television presenter: “Leave her, she’s in labor hahahaha.” Filed Under: Lyn May Couple DNA Testing


PHOTO: Screenshot

More comments kept coming to the video where Lyn May showed flexibility, where followers affirmed that the baby would soon come out of doing a split like this: “Hey, and that doesn’t hurt the baby?” with three months pregnant can you do that? Oh, my God”.

Another flat fan commented that if she continued with that, the “little theater” that she was pregnant would fall: “The pregnancy will fall if she continues with her antics”, “girl, the child will come out”, “If she keeps opening her legs, the baby will fall, what a ridiculous lady”, “that’s why they made her a son hahaha”, were some of the many comments that could be read. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE. Filed Under: Lyn May Couple DNA Testing

A joke? Lyn May tells the truth about her pregnancy

A joke?  tells the truth about her pregnancy

In addition to confirming that it is she who directly manages her Instagram account, Lyn May pointed out that the surprise that she will give next is linked to making women feel good in times of pandemic. The Acapulco vedette, who according to her biographies is 68 years old, surprised everyone with a message shared on Sunday in which she alluded to a pregnancy.

“You have to laugh at something, you have to get something that people are distracted, that they are not seeing pure deaths, sick people, because you do not know how they have died, even colleagues, then you have to remove things that distract people,” said Lyn yesterday by phone. “I’m the one who handles everything on my Instagram, suddenly things come to me and I say: ‘well, my period is late, I’m pregnant,'” she said, smiling. Filed Under: Lyn May Couple DNA Testing

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