The future of Diego Cocca and the Mexican National Team hangs in the balance amid player dissatisfaction

Amid tension and brewing rebellion, Cocca faces his first critical test against the U.S. Will he survive this rocky start?

A few hours before a transcendental game against the United States in Diego Cocca’s developing process with the Mexican National Team, there are reports of a rift with some players tired of the national coach.

According to information reported in the column of the Sniper in the Récord newspaper, incredibly, some Mexican National Team players have already started throwing tantrums against Diego Cocca, as they do not like how he works.

“To begin with, there are already players inside the Mexican National Team who are getting tired of Cocca’s ways, even though the cycle has not even started yet,” the columnist states bluntly in his space.

Selección Mexicana.
Mexican National Team (Cristian de Marchena / MEXSPORT)

The discomfort in the Mexican National Team vs. Diego Cocca is of many players

El Francotirador warns that the complaints in the Mexican National Team are not only on the part of the players “groped in the friendlies that paid TV Azteca in Mazatlan and SUM in San Diego and that served to fill the stands, but there are also other pillars that do not agree with the current coach.”

“There is a lot of tension inside,” highlights the Sniper about what is happening inside the Mexican National Team coached by Diego Cocca.

And all this is happening just a few hours before the Mexican National Team faces the United States in the Nations League semifinals, a vital game at the beginning of the process of coach Diego Cocca.

Heads will roll in the Mexican National Team; Diego Cocca is in danger

Although the Mexican National Team‘s victory against the United States would quell any player rebellion against Diego Cocca, the opposite scenario cannot be ruled out.

“What if Mexico wins neither Nations nor Gold? First, from the head of Doña Fede, La Bomba, they will not be tempted if they fail in both. If they lose to the U.S., they have the Gold Cup to make amends, but if they don’t win the title, they are prepared to cut off heads,” analyzes the Sniper in his column.

Worst of all, and according to the decisions that are usually made in Mexican soccer, not only Diego Cocca, coach of the Mexican National Team, is in the spotlight, as El Francotirador says that Duilio Davino, director of El Tri, does not have a long-term contract, except for this semester.

This is how things are at the Mexican National Team, where, sooner than expected, coach Diego Cocca is having a hard time with the players’ attitudes and the pressure from the brilliant directors.