The Geisha willing to conquer the Mexican public, hand in hand with her themes in the urban genre

the geishaa cuban singer who has managed to stand out in the world of music, launched his new song “Drunk”a theme of urban genre, very danceable and with which he seeks to delight the entire Mexican public. Said single already exceeds 20 thousand views on YouTube. The young artist plans to visit several Latin American countries, including Mexico, so that more people know her musical proposal.

“drunk” form part of the self-titled album by La Geisha, which includes 12 songs, all of them wrapped in urban music. “Díselo”, “Vacaciones”, “Solo mía”, “Pal’ carajo” and others, are the musical pieces of this record production.

His most recent single is accompanied by a video clip that was recorded in Cuba, under the direction of Amanda Acevedo and the production of Marabu Music. The photography was in charge of Semanat. A part of the lyrics of “Borracha” says:

don’t worry i was walking
through the roof with a glass of more
Don’t blame me if I don’t remember your face tomorrow
you were not part of the plan

A shot for my other shot
a shot for my other shot
A dizzy spell for me
but how rich is this bar
I want to get out of this

Drunk I don’t want to see
what happens
Drunk and I want to lose
of this map
Drunk I want to see myself
you have to know
Drunk to get rid of all the bad things from yesterday

At the moment, the Cuban singer is focused on preparing more songs that will be released in the remainder of 2022, so she asks her followers to keep an eye on their social networks to find out the dates of the releases.

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Besides, the geisha does not rule out the possibility of visiting our Mexico in the near future. “It is a country that I would love to visit, I want its people to dance and sing each of my songs, to identify themselves and to be part of this great musical dream that I have.”