The HBO Max movie that will raise your heart rate for its level of action

The extensive catalog of hbo max It presents a wide variety of tapes for all kinds of tastes, which makes for an extremely rewarding experience for the user.

The platform has been constantly growing in subscribers, which, unlike other streaming services, has movies like “batman“and will soon add to the box office”Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

After renewing its catalog for the month of June, the streaming service hosted a successful action tape that will raise your heart rate for more than one.

“London under fire”, the tape that will raise your heart rate

Tape “London Under Fire” of 2016, has been named by users as a true cinematic experience that will raise your heart rate.

“The British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances. His funeral in London is an event attended by all the relevant leaders of the West. What begins as the most secure event on the planet turns into a deadly plot to take down the leaders powerful in the world, devastating the British capital and unleashing terror. Only three people can stop it: the president of the United States, his head of the Secret Service and an MI-6 agent, “reads the synopsis.

The film stars Gerard Butler and with the participation in the distribution of Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman Y Angela Basset.

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How much does HBO Max cost?

How much does HBO Max cost?

There are several options to contract the service of this streaming platform and be able to access its extensive catalog series, movies, documentaries and even concerts.

  • Monthly mobile only: $99.00
  • Standard monthly: $149.00
  • 3 months mobile: $269.01 ($89.67 per month)
  • 3 months standard: $399.00 ($133 per month)
  • 12 months mobile: $828.96 ($69.08 per month)
  • 12 months standard: $1248.96 ($104.08 per month)

In addition to all this, in hbo max You can enjoy all the Champions League matches exclusively and without cuts, which makes your experience a joy.

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