The horrifying night Kombo Kolombia was ambushed and killed by organized crime in Mexico

The truth behind the shocking incident that killed the rising stars of Mexican vallenato, and revealed the ruthless world of drug cartels.

Almost 12 years ago, there was a crime that left the Mexican music industry in mourning, as one of the most beloved groups dedicated to vallenato experienced a violent attack that led to their death; it was the Kombo Kolombia who was last seen on January 26, 2013.

The famous group had only been formed for three and a half years. Still, with songs such as “Sólo Tú Me Haces Feliz,” “Regresa,” and “Cumbia Chida,” they quickly won over a group of followers, including drug traffickers; they were planning to record their first album, but this dream was cut short by organized crime.

The group was made up of 17 people, including musicians and assistants, who were kidnapped after they were taken off the stage where they were giving a private show inside a bar in Monterrey, Nuevo León; their family and friends reported to the authorities the loss of communication with the whole group.

Murdered for revenge

The group with hits such as “Quiero Volar” attended a party organized by José Isidro Cruz Villarreal alias “El Pichilo,” the Zetas’ plaza chief, who allegedly set a trap for them, as his objective was to kill them that same night as revenge for having attended events in territories controlled by theGulf Cartel.

More than 10 hitmen participated in the execution of the musicians and their work team, headed by José Isidro Cruz, according to the statement of the drug trafficker himself months later after his arrest; they were shot and then “finished off” with a shot to the temple and finally thrown into an abandoned well 15 meters deep.

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One of them managed to escape.

After the armed attack with revenge, the authorities indicated that one of the musicians and members of the group Kombo Kolombia managed to escape from this tragedy and helped to find his companions; he later became a protected witness.

According to the authorities and the media, it was reported that the member who managed to escape, Einer Iván Cuéllar Pérez, was found by a man who lived near the area, who found him barefoot and beaten a short distance from the ranch where his companions were executed; the person who found him took him to a restaurant.

The group consisted of 17 people. PHOTO: VIDEO CAPTURE
The group consisted of 17 people. PHOTO: VIDEO CAPTURE

Brutally executed in Monterrey

The then State Security spokesman, Jorge Domene, also indicated that exhaustive investigations were being carried out as the only survivor had allegedly been set free to spread the news as part of a message to the rivals of “El Pichilo.” Still, no further information has been given on the case.

The bodies of the musicians were found on January 26, 2013, in the abandoned ranch “Las Estacas,” north of Monterrey, located in a desert area with little traffic, near the Monterrey-Monclova highway, considered a strategic route for the easy exchange of drugs to the United States.