The house of celebrities: Ivonne Montero does not want to see her former reality teammates

Yvonne Montero is in the eye of the hurricane after giving some controversial statements that include his former teammates The House of the Famous.

And it is that although the reality show has ended, it seems that the controversies have not been left behind.

As we told you in Lto Truth NewsIvonne Montero won The house of the famous 2 and took the 200 thousand dollars beating Toni Costa, Salvador Zerboni, Daniella Navarro Y Nacho Cassano.

Ivonne Montero does not want to see her former colleagues from LCDLF

After winning the reality show Ivonne Montero assures that she does not want to have a relationship with any of her former colleagues from LCDLF

In addition, Invonne took the opportunity to defend herself from Laura Bozzo Y Daniella Navarrofor which he decided not to maintain any type of relationship with his companions on the reality show.

Although he clarified that they are only two people with whom he wants to keep in touch.

“I would not cultivate any friendship, only with Osvaldo that we already have, and Julia was very nice to me, those people yes and the rest no”

It must be remembered that Montero called Laura Bozzo “human misery”, and even assured that he did not believe the Peruvian when he apologized to her.

“Definitely not, I received him, as in all the previous accusations, I received his apologies and his justifications, and nothing. Later it was like understanding what his modus operandi was, which was to damage, hurt and suddenly apologize”

Reason for which he assured that he will never work with the Peruvian again.

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The age of Invonne Montero

Ivonne Montero is an actress who was born on April 25, 1974; she currently has 48 years old.

In 1997 he started his career in television, but it was the character of Julia in 2002 in the movie The tiger of Santa Julia which led her to be better known.

In 2004 he participated in the soap opera Anita, do not worry! and in 2008 he starred Secrets of the Soulat that time already working for Aztec TVand seven years later he would work for Telemundo in The Lord of the heavens.

However, Ivonne has not only stood out in the field of soap operas, as she has also participated in reality shows such as La Isla.

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