‘The House of the Famous’: After expulsion of Niurka Marcos, 4 nominees fight for their stay

The elimination of Niurka Marcos of “The House of the Famous” has left the house reeling and restructuring its strategies. The house is more divided than ever and it is not known what will happen to the inhabitants. What is known is that there is a new leader in the house and it is Nacho Casano who will have immunity during this week.

Something else that is certain is that there will be another nomination ceremony where more inhabitants will face the public vote who decides who stays and who goes. Given that Telemundo will broadcast Premios Tu Música Urbano 2022 on Thursday, the nominations were made on Wednesday, disconcerting all the participants. Another thing this week is that there was no more spontaneous nomination and the power that he got Daniela Navarro last Sunday does not affect the nominations.

Yvonne Montero entered the confessional to nominate and gave 2 points to Laura and 1 point to Natalia.

Tony Costa he nominated Zerboni with 2 points and Laura with 1 point.

Salvador Zerboni used the nominations to give 2 points to Osvaldo and 1 point to Ivonne.

Nacho Casano gave Rafael 2 points and Zerboni 1 point.

Laura Bozzo He was the one who went to the confessional afterwards and gave Ivonne 2 points and Toni 1 for having nominated Niurka last week.

Natalia Alcocer nominated Rafael with 2 points and Ivonne with 1 point.

Rafael Nieves He gave 2 points to Osvaldo and 1 point to Ivonne.

John Vidal came to the confessional and nominated Ivonne with 2 points and Osvaldo with 1 point.

Osvaldo Rios He gave 2 points to Zerboni and 1 point to Rafael.

Daniela Navarro nominated Osvaldo with 2 points and Ivonne with 1 point.

Lewis Mendoza he nominated Rafael with 2 points and Zerboni with 1 point.

After all the inhabitants nominated, the final table was as follows: Ivonne (8), Osvaldo (7), Rafael (7), Zerboni (6), Laura (3), Toni (1) and Natalia (1).

The four nominees this week and who will be left to the public vote are Ivonne, Osvaldo, Rafael and Zerboni.

On Friday Nacho Casano will save one of the inhabitants and there will only be 3 left at risk of being eliminated.

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