The iconic sports commenter El Perro Bermúdez did his last narration at the World Cup

After Mexico's defeat in the group stage in Qatar, the well-known broadcaster will no longer narrate El Tri's matches at a World Cup.

After the elimination in the group phase by the Tricolor in Qatar 2022, Mexican sports in the field of sports reporting will be revolutionized for the future in 2026, after the official retirement of the iconic sports narrator, Enrique “Perro” Bermúdez, who officially narrated the Mexican National Team for the last time in a World Cup.

Since before Qatar 2022 began, Bermúdez de la Serna shared with his avid fans, who accompanied him for over 46 years behind the microphones, that it would be his last World Cup as the main narrator of TUDN in a World Cup.

On social networks, the emblematic narrator has not given his position on this latest narration of the Tricolor painting. However, he shared an emotional message that a fan sent him through Twitter, where he thanked him for all his years of dedication, impartiality, and professionalism.

“It was your last game of @miseleccionmx in a World Cup in your career. I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you @enriquebermudez. Thank you for always making us vibrate! I love you with all my heart. It was a farewell at your height, full of passion, emotion, a bombshell,” commented the Internet user who Bermúdez de la Serna retweeted.

It should be remembered that since the qualifying rounds before Qatar 2022, the famous announcer explained that it would be his last World Cup, as announced by TUDN in a duel between Mexico against the United States.

It will be the last World Cup that I will narrate, and I want to thank, first of all, Lord Jesus Christ, my family, Leticia, Vadhir, and Jordana; many times they did not see me, I was not with them, I did not have that satisfaction. To my colleagues, to the Televisa Univisión companies, and you, to the public; without the public, I would have done absolutely nothing. Thank you all to those who have supported my detractors and me because their criticisms have been my successes, ”Enrique Bermúdez shared.


It is important to highlight that this will not be his last narration during Qatar 2022 despite the Tricolor debacle, because in just a few hours, he will give a chair in his pure style in Spain vs. Japan in a defining duel in the aspirations of both teams to advance within from Group E.

After announcing his retirement from the World Cups, Bermúdez de la Serna called a farewell tour that included a series of guests on the TUDN broadcasts before the World Cup, highlighted the presence of Javier Alarcón, Raúl Orvañanos, Jorge Pietrasanta, and several pluses.

Since Enrique Bermúdez began his profession as a chronicler, he quickly stood out for his ability to speak in front of microphones and his eloquent phrases. His story with the microphone began in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, where Mexico, curiously, also stayed on the path of the Group Phase as in Qatar 2022.

FB/ Enrique Bermudez
FB/ Enrique Bermudez

Thanks to his great style, he made a difference among other storytellers of that time and other generations. Currently, the Dog has become an avid competitor of Christian Martino and Azteca Deportes for setting trends on Mexican television.

Throughout his career, the Atlas fan attended the coverage of Argentina 1978, Spain 1982, Mexico 1986, Italy 1990, the United States 1994, France 1998, Korea-Japan 2002, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018, and the last one will be Qatar 2022.

And it is that at 71 years of age, he has spent about 46 years in the trade of sports narration. Along with Emilio Fernando Alonso, he is one of the experienced chroniclers of Mexican television.