The image of Ana Gabriel is tender because of how she looked in her youth and before she was famous

Mexico. If there is something that fans love about their artists, it is sharing images of them on their social networks and corresponding to different stages of their life, as is the case of Ana Gabriel.

A photograph of Ana Gabríel from Sinaloa circulates on Instagram and it was taken in her younger years, when I was already singing and wanted to be famous, but I wasn’t. The Instagram account @anagabrielusa shares it.

In said publication, the singer-songwriter of songs such as Mar y arena and Simply friends is shown smiling, she wears her hair cut in a mane and is black and white, yes, her smiles are characteristic.

María Guadalupe Araujo Yong is the real name of Ana Gabriel, she is originally from Guamúchil, Sinaloa, Mexico, (1955), and has stood out as a singer-songwriter and music producer.

instagram photo

Her indisputable talent led her to succeed and become one of the most recognized Mexican singers in Mexico and other countries, she has also been deserving of more than 13 Lo Nuestro Awards, Billboard Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, among others.

According to information in her biography, Ana Gabriel lived in her native Guamúchil until she was 15 years old, then she went to Tijuana in search of realizing her dreams of overcoming herself and being a singer, then she participated in the music festival Valores Juveniles.

In 1985, when he was 30 years old, he recorded his first album entitled Un style, and the following year he participated in the OTI Festival, where he achieved fifth place with the song By your side, which is included in his album Sagitario, where there are also songs such as Y Aqui Soy, Eso no Basta and Mar y Arena. .

Since then, success begins to smile on Ana Gabriel, and in 1989 she manages to position herself internationally within the US market; his album Tierra de Nadie remained on the Billboard charts for several months.

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Talking about Ana Gabriel is talking about an admirable, respectable artist and a career full of successes, among which we can also mention Here I am, Oh, love, You decided it, Who like you? In addition to ballads, he has recorded in the genres of mariachi and banda sinaloense.

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