The images of the collapse of boxes during a bullfight in Colombia that left 4 dead and hundreds injured

A tragedy shook the center of Colombia this Sunday.

At least four people died and some 250 were injured after the collapse of an area of ​​stands during a bullfight in the center of the country.

Dramatic images shared on social networks show a huge portion of the wooden boxes, full of spectators, falling onto the arena in the municipality of Espinal, department of Tolima.

The authorities continue the rescue efforts and it is feared that the number of victims could increase.

“More than 100 wounded have arrived at the hospital. The medical personnel cannot cope and they are being evaluated depending on the injuries,” said Luis Fernando Vélez, director of the department’s Civil Defense.

The health authorities of Tolima declared a red alert in the hospital network in El Espinal and asked for help from hospitals in nearby cities

Several ambulances were sent from the nearby cities of Ibagué and Melgar to treat the injured, which overwhelmed the capacity of the local hospital.

Civil Defense/Colombia

After the makeshift box collapses, dozens of people scream and flee in panic from the square, while a bull chases the confused spectators.



The incident occurred during the traditional corralejas, within the framework of the fairs of San Pedro and San Pablo, in which the public jumps into the ring to face the bulls.



On January 20, 1980, the greatest tragedy reported in a show of this type in Colombia occurred when the three-story boxes collapsed in Sincelejo and fell on about 500 people.

After being informed of the collapse of the bullring, President Iván Duque sent a message to the victims and announced an investigation.

“We feel the terrible tragedy recorded in El Espinal, during the San Pedro and San Juan festivities, due to the collapse of boxes in a corraleja. We will ask for an investigation of the facts; speedy recovery to the injured and solidarity with the families of the victims, “said the president through social networks.

spinal tolima


On his Twitter account, the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, also expressed solidarity with the victims and called on the mayors not to authorize more similar events in the country.

“I ask the mayors not to authorize more shows with the death of people or animals,” Petro wrote.

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