The incredible resemblance of Tiger Woods’ son to his father [VIDEO]

Although his life has been wrapped in controversies that have somewhat stained his reputation, the talent of American golfer Tiger Woods and his legacy for this sport is undeniable.

His record includes more than 10 titles in addition to being the golfer who has reported the most earnings to the PGA, the main American circuit for men’s professional golf and the most important in the world.

But not everything is forever and over the years the body does not respond in the same way, especially for Woods who at 45 years old accumulates countless injuries and the remnants of some that he has already overcome.

He recently stated that He would only compete in select tournaments depending on his physical, in addition that he is still recovering from the car accident he suffered last February.

But is talent inherited? In the absence of Tiger competing on the circuit, his son Charlie has taken a great interest in golf and at his young age (12 years) is already one of the most promising talents in the sport.

Has been your own PGA Twitter account who shared a video (which has quickly gone viral) of the incredible resemblance of Tiger and Charlie.

The gestures, positions, ways of hitting the ball and analyzing the gameAmong other things, they are shown in the audiovisual that exceeded 2,000 retweets on the platform in less than 24 hours.

They also compared the two when they have played together and even the way they walk is classified as incredible by netizens who shared the material.

In the background a humorous track that indicates how Woods’ legacy in golf could fall to his son Charlie.

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