The indigenous force of Mexico shines thanks to Silvia Jim, Miss Indigenous 2022

Morelia, Michoacán.- The indigenous strength of Mexico shines thanks to Sylvia Jimwho won the titles of Miss Indigenous UniverseIndigenous Queen of Abya Ayala and Indigenous Lady of America in a contest held in Panama.

But Silvia is not only beauty, It is history incarnate, it is the story of many indigenous women of Mexico and from Latin America. The brightness of her skin, the color of her flesh, the beauty of her being is not all that makes her up, dreams and intelligence is the impulse of every day, but she recognizes that there are other not so pleasant things that also go through her .

Many times we indigenous women discriminate against us in different ways, either because of skin tone, because of your thoughts, they discriminate against you for feeling proud of your roots, people do not like to see an indigenous woman succeed”, Jimena Jim pointed out in an interview for Debate.

Mexico shines thanks to Silvia Jim, Miss Indigenous 2022

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Silvia is originally from Zacualpan, in the municipality of Ometepec, on the small coast of Guerrero, she is studying two degrees in health, but his dream is to study medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

She wants the beauty contests that allow the visibility of indigenous wealth to be even better known, so that the work behind each woman who represents a community is recognized, makeup artists, teachers, assistants and designers are a fundamental part of the contest, but she seeks that these jobs are also valued.

The garments used in each of the contests are made by women textile artists, who on some occasions they take up to more than a year to make a single dresssince everything begins with the sowing of cotton.

It is important to leave high the name of the indigenous cultures of Mexico, that they identify us, the clothes that I wear are from weaving artists, we have preserved them from the sowing of cotton, they are jobs of months and others of years.”, said Miss Indigenous.

Mexico shines thanks to Silvia Jim, Miss Indigenous 2022

Silvia recognizes that her path has not been easy and that getting out of extreme poverty, being a woman amuzgait has not been the easiest path, but always with a very clear objective.

Jim .

The criticisms that have reached them are very strong, they have pointed to her as not being a woman, not having the intellectual capacities to develop, or of not having the beauty necessary to develop in various modeling platforms.

As every dreamer wishes that other women wake upthat they realize the power they have, that they do not let themselves be overcome by the situations of disadvantage that they are going through.

I want to tell all the women who have a dream, not to be turned off, to shine high; we indigenous women have to work double or triple, we indigenous women have struggled day by day, I know what it is like to live that”, tells the winner to Debate readers.

Mexico shines thanks to Silvia Jim, Miss Indigenous 2022

Her path is still long, the path that an indigenous woman walks is not easy, but she sees her future within some doctor’s officewhere he hopes to promote the development of his community, mainly in children and women.

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Silvia Jim has written a new story, she recognizes herself as the “most beautiful indigenous woman in the world”, knows that having managed to bring this recognition to Mexico will help other indigenous women have new dreams and other ways of seeing life.

Also remember that Mexico still has a historical debt with the original communitiesso she will continue in the fight for indigenous rights, now with the privilege of being Miss Indigenous 2022.

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