The influencer Yeri MUA is running to be queen of the Veracruz Carnival 2022

Yeri MUAthe influencer from Veracruz whose real name is Yeri Cruz Varelafinally confirmed his application as a candidate to be queen of the Carnival of Veracruz 2022and it was she herself who shared the process on her social networks.

It was on March 8, when Yeri went to the offices of the committee of this event located in the trigueros building, next to the municipal palace of Veracruz, with the aim of formally running for queen of the great party.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.News, Yeri MUA usually receives criticism on social networks for her content, but since she reported that she wanted to be queen of the Carnival, her haters have not stopped attacking her. However, the influencer has said that she is not willing to give up her dream.

Who are the applicants for queen of the Veracruz Carnival 2022?

Yeri hopes to win the crown/Photo: Facebook The influencer is often criticized on social networks/Photo: DY

In addition to Yeri MUA, the candidates for queen of the Veracruz Carnival 2022 are the young Hania Elena and Miriam Alexandra. The first has a degree in Customs Processing of the Gulf and is 22 years old. She expressed that since she was a child, her dream is to be queen to represent the jarochos and promote the wealth of her land.

While the second is Miriam Alejandra Gallardo, known as “Mimi” on social networks, who has a career as a model and has participated in beauty pageants, is a graduate of the Civil Engineering career and in 2018 she was crowned Mexican Universal Veracruz. .

This Veracruz event will be held from June 1 to 5 of the year ongoing and there are great expectations, since it will cost around 50 million pesos to carry it out. The three applicantsand will formally register the candidacy next Monday, March 14.

Who is Yeri MUA?

The influencer is often criticized on social networks/Photo: DY

Yeri Cruz Varela, who also calls herself “The Bratz Jarocha” is a 20-year-old influencer from Veracruz, who through her social networks shares makeup tutorials, collaborations with various brands, and even shows her lifestyle. However, Yeri MUA has been involved in some controversies, which is why she receives various criticisms constantly.

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