The jobs that will have the best salaries in the next 10 years

The jobs that will have the best salaries in the next 10 years

The pandemic has affected many industries, thus putting millions and millions of people out of work. Since then, it has been difficult for many people to adjust to new jobs and job growth is expected to pick up slowly. Nevertheless, there are some jobs that will continue to rise and that will also be very well paid.

According to a study by the financial technology company, SmartAsset, being a nurse practitioner will be one of the best jobs for the future, both for your job and for the vacancies that will exist.

This work was already within the first places from previous years, but the COVID-19 pandemic helped it consolidate its position.

Using data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Smart Asset leaked 808 jobs that are projected to grow 10% or more over the next decade.

You also filtered your search for jobs that generated salaries of more than $ 64,240 in 2019. In doing so, found 40 jobs that look the most promising in terms of long-term employment and salary.

The 40 most promising and highest paying jobs, according to Smart Asset are:

Nurse practitioner

–Medical and health services managers

–Information security analysts

–Medical assistants

–Financial managers


–Teachers of post-secondary health specialties

–Research scientists in computer science and information

–Computer and information systems managers

–Computer network architects

Nurse anesthetists



–Medical scientists, except epidemiologists

–Operations research analysts

–Biochemicals and biophysicists

–Post-Secondary Business Teachers

–Post-Secondary Nursing Teachers and Instructors

–Film and video editors

–Speech and language pathologists

–Network and computer systems administrators



Nurse midwives

–Genetic counselors


–Market research analysts and marketing specialists

–Occupational therapists

–Management analysts

–Athletes and sports competitors

-Industrial Engineers

–Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

–Social and community services managers

–Make-up artists for theatrical performances


–Urban and regional planners


–Agents and commercial directors of artists, performers and athletes


– Orthotists and prosthetists

The highest paying job on SmartAsset’s list is that of a psychiatrist with an average salary of $ 220,430.. The lowest paying job on the list was Market Research Analysts and Marketers with an average salary of $ 71,570, which is still a very good salary.

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