The keys to the amazing makeup of “Euphoria” that became a global trend

Color and glitter have become a makeup trend thanks to the “Euphoria” series (Photos: Instagram-7@euphoria/@euph-oriamxmaq)

euphoria It has become a new cultural reference among youth around the world. What began as one more project on a streaming platform has managed to position itself as the most watched during the two seasons that have been broadcast so far – with a third on the way. One of the elements that has contributed most to making this a reality is due to the shocking outfits and makeup full of glittery that are now imitated by thousands of people.

What is it euphoria? It is an original series of HBO MAX -fictional- created and directed by Sam Levinson that follows the story of a group of “teenagers” who must deal with situations “appropriate to their age” and struggle with self-control and excesses with drugs, sex, affective relationships, even their own identities.

The episodes that make up the phenomenon follow the lives of East Highland students, while rue -the protagonist-, played by Zendayatries to find a balance between the pressure of love, loss and addiction.

This popular series has received positive reviews, with much of the praise going to its performances (particularly Zendaya and Hunter Schafer), its story, visuals, and approach to adult content, not only does it owe its success to its actors, plot , music or constant real nudity that have caused a furor on social networks, but also for their impressive looks and makeup that have caused their trends to be imitated from 2020 to the present and that will possibly continue until 2024 when its third season premieres.

euphoria series makeup
The basic black eyeliner has taken on new dimensions and shapes (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

Part of the aesthetics is created by the excess of glitter and neon colors in the makeup that the protagonists have worn in each episode in recent years, positioning their actresses by singularities: Zendaya (rue) a strong smoky smokey eye and a few tears of glittery running down her cheeks; hunter schafer (Jules) with a whirlwind of color on her eyelids; alex demie (Maddy) lip gloss, marked eyeliner and thousands of Swarovski crystals and barbie ferrera (Kat) with smoky eyes and a lot of gothic air. The protagonists not only break the typical beauty and makeup stereotypes, they represent Generation Z.

makeup series euphoria 2
Color shades are a staple (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

These fantasy makeup that the girls of euphoria has inspired many designers during these last fashion weeks from previous years and even in this 2022 and that is mainly due to experimentation with color and the looks arty where the excess glittery -mainly in gold- has been essential to mark now not only the trend, but has even marked an entire generation that has not stopped following, recreating and even reinventing what they see on screen.

Who is the mind behind the new trend?

Doniella Davy is its creator (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)
Doniella Davy is its creator (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

Doniella Davy is the makeup designer of euphoria. Trained in the make-up course for special effects and beauty of Jane Galli, one of the most important make-up artists in Hollywood, she has participated in other works such as the film moonlit (2017).

euphoria series 3 makeup
He returned to neon tones (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

As the person in charge of this section, he has delved into the game of imagination and the exploration of new ways to create a whole series of options that have quickly become a trend. For this outfitsthe author of makeup has opted for innovation, offering techniques that were not commonly used on television.

euphoria series 4 makeup
The mix of symbols also sparks the imagination and is also used to define and show the inner personality (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

The eyeliner is one of the strengths. The makeup designer has not wanted to replicate the traditional way of lining the eyes, and instead, she has decided apply it very strongly on both the upper and lower lash lines. Taking this line to the tear area and out of the eye, provides a more intense and dramatic look. This is one of the trends most copied by fans of production.

Glitter and costume jewelry set the trend in night makeup (Photo: Instagram/@make_challeuropho)
Glitter and costume jewelry set the trend in night makeup (Photo: Instagram/@make_challeuropho)

In its first season, it received several nominations for the Emmy Awards (2020): Best Actress in a Drama Series (Zendaya), Best Contemporary Costume, best makeup, Best Score, Best Writing for a Drama Series, and Best Music Supervision. Among all of them, one of the awards that the series collected was the best makeup.

euphoria series 5 makeup
The color combination invites you to take risks and create new and amazing looks (Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

But this is not the only way that the artist has used to outline the eyes of the actresses. The fashion for graphic motifs has taken over eye makeup, creating a variety of alternatives that play with different colors and shapes. Many times, these proposals were adorned with glittery and other applications.

Heels, garments and even nails are also part of fashion

Natalie Minerva, the manicurist of the series, spoke on her Instagram account about this creation. The nail expert affirms that she and Alexa Demie dreamed of this manicure inspired by the outfit that the protagonist wears in the number one episode of the series (Instagram)

Not everything is makeup, although much of it has been the most innovative, clothing is also part of the revolution which has been highly criticized despite the fact that in some way it represents everything that for years different generations have tried to find on television or traditional communication formats and never got, until now with the great invention of streaming that has revolutionized non- not only the way the world is seen but how things should be done in it.

Euphoria Nails
It is a nail art in which the outermost area of ​​the nail is covered with black enamel and the innermost area is left in a whitish tone, giving rise to the shape of an hourglass (Instagram)

Miniskirts, crops, flared pants, but above all garments with many transparencies and shine are also part of the trends that euphoria has left young people, because as in any series of “teenagers”, the wardrobe is essential to be able to have commercial success. Although many people have also criticized this, the reality is that sales have increased on internet pages and even in the informal way in which things can be sold within social networks, because although large clothing brands do have garments with said trend, their high prices make it inaccessible to obtain them.

euphoria series 6 makeup
(Photos: Instagram/@donni.davy)

The elaborate manicure that its protagonist wears is another of the great contributions to fashion. It’s about a nail art in which the outermost area of ​​the nail is covered with black enamel and the innermost area is left in a whitish tone, giving rise to the shape of an hourglass. The shape of the nail is elongated and remains square.

Natalie Minervathe manicurist of the series spoke on her account Instagram about this creation, a while ago. The nail expert claims that she and Alexa Demie dreamed of this manicure inspired by the outfits that the protagonist wears in episode number one of the series. On the nails, the curved lines correspond to the cutouts on the dress. It is not the first time because on more than one occasion they have combined the clothes and the nails in a way that everything has great harmony.

The protagonists explore new looks and colorful makeup (Photos: HBO MAX)
The protagonists explore new looks and colorful makeup (Photos: HBO MAX)

“In the first season, there really wasn’t such an intense presence of nail art,” said Minerva in dialogue with the American site. The Cut. “It was something that I had noticed, so I reached out to the team about it because it’s a show based on Gen Z and obviously beauty plays a big role.”


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