The last daughter of María Rubio dies, goodbye to the legacy of Catalina Creel

One of the most iconic telenovelas in Mexico is Cradle of Wolves, which shows us the villains of Catalina Creel, played by María Rubio.

The actress had several daughters, however, the last of them who was left alive unfortunately passed away.

Cradle of wolves, a series that by the way has had other versions, but that does not have a good rating in the United States, is still one of the favorites in Mexico.

Who was Maria Rubio’s daughter?

This is how they announced the death of María Rubio’s daughter Catalina Creel de María Rubio was iconic

It was through their social networks that Adriana Reyes Rubio’s niece, daughter of the famous, was the one who broke the news.

The young woman, who is also an actress, revealed that her aunt passed away on Tuesday night, but the reasons for her death are unknown.

“With this same photo I share that the Reyes Rubio de la Maza Family is together again in heaven. Aunt Adriana Reyes Rubio, we will always miss you, but I am sure that you are happy to be reunited with your parents, ”she said.

The death of María Rubio

Catalina Creel de María Rubio was iconic

The death of Maria’s daughter comes just 3 years after the death of the actress, who died on March 1, 2018 at the age of 83, being a very strong blow to the entertainment world.

My grandmother, my idol, my role model is now resting with my dad. Two guards take care of us from wherever they are ”, he placed in another tweet when he confirmed the death of María.

A few months ago we informed you of the first images of Paz Vega as Catalina Creel, and although her work was good, it was not as iconic as that of María Rubio. Did you see Cuna de Lobos? Tell us your opinion in the comments and follow us on The Truth News to find out everything about show business.

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